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We have the list of top 10 items that should be in a woman’s bag. Apart from the obvious that everyone don’t leave the house without of course which includes – Wallet, lip gloss/ chap stick, Keys,  Cell phone, Lotion, and maybe even make-up. Now these may not apply to every woman’s bag. And some may vary. But, as a woman going out to work, meeting, school or even a function/Event on a 2 hour commute to work each day on public transportation, these are the items we feel are necessary for such women.


1. Hand Sanitizer– Ladies! And Men! This little item will become your best friend. This is a must have especially these days withswine flu knocking on everyone’s doors.Hand sanitizer is very much needed for those who use public transportation to get to work or who work in an environment where you are interacting with customers on a daily basis (in a retail environment or something similar). Then there are those public restrooms that don’t have soap in the dispensers. Whenever you don’t have access to soap and water, Hand Sanitizer is your best bet



2. Umbrella– you never know when the rain may come. The weatherman/woman may be wrong one day. So, instead of just clouds, there may be clouds and rain (Obviously one of those compact umbrellas that can fit anywhere). You don’t want to be caught in the rain with no umbrella-especially in the morning. Going into work with wet clothes and hair- you are in store for a long and wet morning/day.


3. Makeup touch ups/Hair items – If you are the type that value your makeup look and always like it to stay in place always carry a mini touch up kit of brushes, lippy, blusher, bronzer it helps to always keep your face refreshed. (Mini comb or brush and ponytail holder): Just in case you do get caught in some rain without your trusty umbrella. Just sweep your hair up into a ponytail or bun so you can still look some what presentable.



4. Pen/small notepad– Always carry some form of writing item with you. You may have a business idea, or a short grocery list, to-do list. You may need to write down something you don’t want to forget (maybe a very important meeting!)



5. Gum/Mints/ Aspirin– Your breath says a lot about you and it’s the first thing anyone will notice if it’s not in place. As you are on the go/ work might have a full flavour lunch that lives taste like garlic, onion and you don’t want to carry that with you all day.  Hot date or happy hour meeting after work? You always want to have something on hand. Or maybe for that co-worker who likes to talk a bit too close to your face and is unaware of how tart his/her breath is, offer one-being polite of course! Aspirin- You can get a small bottle or box of Tylenol or Motrin. Just for minor aches and pains of course.




6. Good book/magazine– This is always your best friend on that long journey to work and if you are trying to focus or even trying to avoid conservation with someone. So, make sure you carry a good book/ magazine to keep you occupied and to make the long journey a little less painful. There are other good reasons to carry one and if you are one who likes to read/fashionistas this is also an advantage for you.

7. Music– This is definitely for everyone weather on your phone, iPhone, iPad, iPod or even music player. This makes everyone’s day brighter imagine listening to your favorite music on that long journey again or even just on your break or so it just makes everything flow faster. And we also reckon it makes the day go by faster too.


8. Mirror– Mini compact/ pocket mirror is very essential to do a quick touch up on the hair and makeup, check your teeth, and your nose!. If you have one of those powder with insert mirror that’s even great for you to carry 2 in one.


9. Diet Friendly Snack or Fruit– If you are on a diet or trying to watch your figure, be sure to bring something that is friendly. Especially if you know where you are going it’s going to be hard to find something that accommodates your diet and is also easy on the pockets. So, always make sure to bring something from home.


10. Feminine Products/Body spray– I don’t think we need to say much about this. But you should carry at least one tampon or sanitary napkin for yourself or a co-worker/ friend who may be caught one day without one. Sometimes they come uninvited!

Deodorant and body spray is a must never leave the house without because you want to feel fresh and clean throughout the day! Without having to worry about a body odour or smell.



So that’s our top 10 essential to carry in your handbag for that full day out of course there is always more and other things that might be of more advantage to other people that might not be on the list. We just put this together in general but if you feel there other stuff that should be on the list that we are missing feel free to add on your comment. We will appreciate it.

I hope this helps every woman and some men out there to pack their handbag rightly for the day!

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