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Nigeria High Commission London Endorsed “LABO Life is a Journey” Movie! Produced by Roseline Sanni-Ajose.

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Roseline Sanni-Ajose 


Nollywood UK!

Her Excellency Hajiya Salamatu Tafida & Roseline Sanni-Ajose making a speech

Private Screening of “LABO Life is a journey” movie was held on the 14th of March 2014, with H E.Dr Dalhatu Sarki Tafida, OFR,CFR, Nigeria High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and other Diplomats, in honour of her Excellency, Hajiya Salamatu Tafida.

The Multi-Award winning Movie “LABO Life is a Journey” Continued to gain recognition and media attention due to the storyline even amongst the diplomats.

Her Excellency made a remark during her speech that the theme of the movie ‘LABO‘ life is a journey is relevant to Federal Republic of Nigeria Diaspora agenda.  The producer Roseline Sanni-Ajose has used her talent and skills in movie production to express the mind of President Goodluck Jonathan’s  (Federal Government) Diaspora agenda through Art. 

“LABO” is an Afro-Caribbean/British film emphasising on families issues, relationship, marriage between two foreigners and also young offenders leaving abroad. Her excellency felt very honoured that the movie was dedicated to her.

More pictures from the private screening:

Head of Chancery Ahmed Inusa making a speech


Special Adviser and Head of Consular Education and welfare


H.E Dr Dalhatu Sarki Tafida and H.E Hajiya Salamatu Tafida


 H.E Hajiya Salamatu Tafida, Roseline Sanni-Ajose, H.E Dr Dalhatu Sarki Tafida and Wale Oduduwa (Actor)


Dele Ajakaye, Roseline Sanni-Ajose Mr Benson and Rita Nzelu


Dr Ojo and Roseline Sanni-Ajose


Mrs Becky Olodo, Roseline Sanni-Ajose and Mr Phaisahl (H.C staff)


Roseline Sanni-Ajose is creating a good awareness about London Nollywood. She is not only putting it on the recognition map, she is also getting Nigerian diplomats involve in the Entertainment industry. She is the first Nollywood producer to draw the attention of Nigerian diplomats in London into Nollywood by organising a special private screening.

LABO stars Dejumo Lewis of the Village headmaster ,Doris Simeon, Wale Oduduwa, Jide Kosoko, Ayo Adesonya ,Olivie Eze ,Iya Awero, Theodora Ibekwe-Oyabade, Roseline Sanni-Ajose herself and much more. Directed by Femi Fadeyi.

Media present at the event: AIT International, Ben TV, Nigerian Watch , NTA, NAAN, Mirrow Magazine and African Dazzle.

Written by: Noellin Imoh

Pictures by: Sloz Media

Hair & Make-up by; YallizBeauty



  1. Roseline and team LABO. WELL DONE!!!
    Don’t let people destroy your positive attitude and goal. Whatever you do people will always talk regardless of the situation having to be positive or negative. You owe NOBODY in this world but GOD. Be you, Be HAPPY, motivate yourself beforevyou know it you’ll be motivating others. NOTHING CAN STOP A PERSON WITH THE RIGHT MENTAL ATTITUDE FROM ACHIEVING HIS OR HER GOALS….. God bless all

  2. Thank you all for ur positive comment. This is my first production and I will keep growing and learn as I produce more movies. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

    On behave on the team. Inspiration Production. Love u all.

  3. All I will love to say is well done Roseline & team LABO. Am Jamaican and i love this film. The story line, the actors and actresses a huge WELL DONE. Nollywood films shouldn’t be based only on african or Nigerians. This film touched every angles of the world and cultures we live now. My west indies/carribean people loved it. We will support your movement Roseline. Keep it up. Just to add, when your doing good jealousy will come. Take the negative comments as a stepping stone to greater success. People will ALWAYS have something to say whether you do good or bad.

    #TeamLABO Roseline, Gold, olivia & the rest of the team…. Me love you all like good food ♥

  4. Well done Roseline Sanni Ajose, I saw you movie at the Odeon and what a transformation. Your new technical staff needs to be taken for a drink.
    You have taken London Nollywood to a new height. Furtherest anyone has taken a Movie in London. Well done again.

    Mr John, celebrate with success with the achievers or remain a failure.

    Great minds discuss Ideas,
    Average mind discuss events
    Small mind discuss people. -Eleanor Roosevelt

  5. I have attended many movie premieres at the Odeon Cinema and the transformation Roseline Sanni Ajose made to her movie within 7 months is the kind of courage we need in the industry. This lady has taken Nollywood to the next level. Mr John , were you at the NIgerian High Commission to watch LABO. If you were not present on the day, then you must hold your peace. You must be a movie producer. Please what is the title of your movie and where was the furthest you pushed your movie. When you see people progressing and achieving, you need to celebrate with them otherwise you will remain a FAILURE.

  6. This comment is for John Meulah. You are a big moron. The biggest fool on this planet. Idiots like you is what we don’t need in this world. Do you have a clue what your even talking about. Coming on this page with your dirty foul mouth about people. Are you God or who are you to judge others. Roseline Sanni dont mind this kind of comments from such peasants. This pagan must be lacking wisdom. Nollywood as got alot of work to do, but atleast they are trying. With hard work and dedication with financial support they will get there one day. Nigeria needs to support one another not put down one another. Roseline Sanni keep up the good work with your team. You all did us proud. I sae the film and it was EXCELLENT. I have never seen people laugh so much. A film in Nigeria high commission now thats powerful. With such support behind you “SKY IS YOUR LIMIT” & the world is your Oyster.
    Just to add, A massive congratulations to you Roseline may God take you to higher ground, keep up the good work and continue to pursue your dreams.
    P.S The actor in Labo called GOLD, great acting. I like his role in the film. We need younger generation like him in Nollywood. Nice work son. God bless.

  7. This is an excellent Job,well done aunty roseline though have not seen the movie but with the media awareness,and the recent success with the nigeria high commission in London I belief its a must watch one,may God continue to give you the inspiration to do many more,CONGRATULATIONS Egbon!

  8. Who ever you are this person writing. I know you write onbehave of your london crew. I Am a Muslim and I enjoyed it when I watched Labo. Strong advice. Pls stop all this fighting you people are doing in london nollywood. Work together and fight for progress. The youth needs your platform to develop.

  9. Nigerians are mediocres!This film was utterly rubbish and poorly produced.Entertainment writers should desist from writing rubbish.Multi-Award winning??Please mention the awards!You guys shpuld be very careful what you sell to the public!stop making a mockery of this industry.Can majority of under 14’s and over in this country sit to watch Labo and understand?Is the film quality anything to write home about?wasnt this the same film screened in London for the public ir a special cut that the public didn’t see?In as much as the efforts of the producers is highly commendable,is this a film that any marketer would sell true and true??can this film be boldly taken to film festivals as a good product representing Nigeria??? So basically i can deduce that the Nigerian High commission is really idle even at this period when Nigeria is in mourning on cseveral fronts??In any case you can continue to sell your bad products as muchas you like but you cant sell it forever.Multi-award my foot!Bunch of mediocres!!

  10. This is extremely 99.9% excellent, I pray that God will grant you more grace to bring more ideas and attention and touch life of people to your movie industry. Once again, Roseline Sanni-Ajose kudos for you, you too much.

  11. this is very impressive. u are not doing this for urself only but also for our upcoming youths to have confidence in pursuing their dream in the entertainment industry in uk. congrats RSA


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