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Born To Model UK has landed and the competition is definitely on!

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1 house, 1 week and 8 models. Each day set with tough tasks where there can only ever be one winner!  It truly is survival of the fittest, as two models will not make it till the end as only the elite can survive the mid-week eliminations.

Who better to present the show than the hot and stunning Lauren Cofie who adds vivacity to the reality TV series where some of the UK’s finest models fight for survival.

The first series will feature the hottest, most current and exciting talents on the scene. Special guests will include the sensational UK Afrobeats artist Ezi Emela and Nation’s favourite A Dot Comedian! As they dish out demanding tasks to the zealous models, tasks range from a hair and make-up challenge, to a gender swap challenge, to fashion shoots with animals and even a nude shoot challenge. Not to forget, the aspiring models will be working with some of the best photographers and creatives the UK has to offer!

Expect a lot of passion, drive, fashion, pressure and drama!

BTM UK uncovers that models are not just extra tall and slim pretty faces with no personalities as the teaser will reveal! Included is a passionate model who is an eye cancer survivor, a gregarious model (with babe-luring abs) who is also a charismatic motivational speaker, as well as a model who has more ass than all the models combined at London Fashion Week.

High numbers of applications are expected from all over the UK from London to Manchester to Brighton to Sheffield to Essex with only 100 hopefuls selected to make an audition video where applicants will be further whittled down. The BTM UK street team will also target hotspots such as Stratford Westfield and the Bullring shopping centre, giving out just 3 golden tickets!

Lauren Cofie has her work cut out as she helps the models refine their skills, setting their alarm clock, alluring all with her singing and fuelling the pressure. One thing she won’t be helping with is any cleaning whatsoever!

“It has been a pleasure meeting such ambitious models of colour who appreciate that they’ve been given this platform and it’s important to understand that each model is special in their own way. BTM UK has rejected model stereotypes and I’m happy to have the opportunity to present something fresh and inspiring as well as providing great entertainment. Having the opportunity to also be a mentor to them is gratifying.”

BTM offers an absolutely unique experience, and some fabulous prizes, as the winning model will receive features across a plethora of fashion sites and magazines, the chance to be represented by a UK modelling agency, hair and beauty gifts from sponsors such as ODB Hair™, a luxurious meal for two and also a well-deserved short getaway!

At the end of the week there can only be one winner.

So, who is Born To Model? launches Friday 25th April 2014

BTM UK on Twitter and Instagram: @BornToModelUK

Press Release Credit: ClubTolu Media

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