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Pictures from the Exclusive London Screening of “Turning Point” Movie

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The screening of the 2012 movie Turning point was a great night of fun and great vibe. Although it was not a big turnout as the Movie has been previously screened in 2012 and 2013, but it was a success.

The Niyi Towolani suspense drama was enjoyed by the audience both the once that have seen it before and the first timers. It felt like a new Movie all over again as it was a great movie packed with Talented actors and of course very well directed and shot so you will  think you are watching it for the first time all over again.


There was a champagne/ networking session before the screening and a Q&A session by the director Niyi after the movie where he explained to the audience the whole process of making the movie and how it came about. Overall it was a good night with great people and good energy.

Some of the celeb presents were Weird MC, Vicky shola, Tya (Ben Tv presenter), Deoba Authentic, Nosa and more.

A very welldone to Niyi Towolani Again on such a Wonderful Movie.

                         Tia Toriola (Presenter BEN TV BBS)

                                Vicky Sola ( UK AfroBrit Artist)

                                          Weird MC and Idris (Ismiles Photo)

        Goldiva and Vicky Sola                            Guest

Tayo(Actress), Deoba Authentic(Radio personalty), Tia and Vicky sola

            Tia  and Tochi ( Event promoter) promoter of the Night



Written by: Gold Ola

Photo Credit: Idris (Ismiles Photo)



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