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Invasion 1897 Movie Private Screening: An Epic Night, History Made!

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Invasion 1897 the Epic historical Movie private screeening took place on saturday the 13th of september at the British Museum. Invasion 19897 A Lancelot Imasuen Movie which features great cast of which some were present on the Night. It was A succesful Screening with Great Review from the Guests Present.

The Movie is about the British Invasion of the benin kingdom in 1897 and what effect it left on the people and how it all began. The story was told by those who knew what really happened. The Movie is a great one very well ACTED, DIRECTED and Executed well in such great GLORY!


         Lead Actor of the film: Mike Omoregbee

The Night started with the Red carpet and interview session shortly followed by an introductory speech from one of j2 Konsults Joe  Ehigiamusoe  and a welcome and recognition to all the people present in the audience including the cast and dignities. Then a specch by the Man himself Mr Lancelot Imasuen who introduced the Movie and talked about the Journey and how the Film has come together, the struggles and highlight of it and all what it takes to bring this Great Movie to Life.

After the Movie screening, there was an art showing of some of the Art work which means something to the people of benin kingdom and along side champagne and finger food serving to keep the guests entertained while networking.

The Night was full of culture, tradition, fun, excitement, great networking, review and happy Guest.

With the night hosting Royalties as the Chairman & Founder Benin Royal Dynasty Trust, the Crown Prince of Benin Kingdom Edaiken N’uselu His Excellency Edaiken Erediauwa, flanked by unquestionably the richest Benin man living Chairman and founder of Wells Entertainment et al Captain (Dr) Hosa Wells Okunbo, Dr Ibosa Oshodin, Dr Alistair Soyode BENtv, Dr Odaro Ize-Omoregie, Dr David Duckrell, lead casts of the film: Mike Omoregbee, the Legendary Rudolph Walker, Charles Chucky Venn, Annika A’lofti, Hannah Felstead, Yvonne Hays, Elvis Oni- Edigin, Goldiva, Ebuwa, Jedidah, Screen writer Ossa Etin Earliece, Nosa d Sculptor, Bola Asiru of Red Door Gallery, a cream of Nollywood UK, the entire entertainment industry fully represented with accomplished film makers and actors in the house, one would not be mincing words to say it was indeed a great night that culminated in great networking cocktail.

A Wells Entertainment Event presentation powered by Bola Asiru of Red Door Gallery and co-ordinated  by Joe & Jules (Blues Brothers) of J2 Konsults, one thing would be expected ‘Professional top class; Quality) and it was nothing short of it. With the night toned up with wonderful articulations coming from the baritoned MC/Anchor of the event the veteran broadcaster Joe Ehigiamusoe of J2 Konsults, the filled up theatre hall was held spell bound till the end.

The wrap in the cinema came with an enchanting vote of thanks from the other half of J2 Konsults, a celebrated member of the Institute of Residential Property Management IRPM, President Buckingham Aviary: Jules Imabeh.

We must say this A Must Watch Movie for all… from the story, to the Acting, the directing and most of all the Execution of it. We enjoyed it from beginning to end and cant watch for the general public to see this EPIC Movie.

The london Premiere will be in November and we will keep you updated with more info.

Some More Pics of  the Guest from the Night!


The Crown Prince of Benin Kingdom Edaiken N’uselu His Excellency Edaiken Erediauwa with the Director and producer Guvnor Lancelot Imasuen


Lead cast: Charles Chucky Venn and Reporter in the Movie Minnie Marj                 

Wise Tola (Cast in Th Movie) Mrs and Mr Sam Onigbanjo

Some of the Cast and Crew of The Movie

Joe Ehigiamusoe (J2 Konsults) , Charles Chucky Venn (Lead cast) and Mike Omoregbee (Lead Actor)

Mr Sam Anwuzia and Mrs Elizabeth (Zafaa Global Awards)

Mr and Mrs Oyebade

Written by: Gold Ola

Photo Credit: Idris (Ismiles Photos)



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