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Uche Jumbo, shows off baby bump at the Houston Premiere of controversial movie “THE OTHER SIDE”!

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Isn’t it lovely to see our African talented stars with a baby bump? Uche Jumbo Rodriguez couldn’t look any more beautiful and effulgent. She stepped out in a black one-sleeve dress on the premiere of ‘The Other Side‘ recently. The Movie premiere took place on Sunday, October 26th at the AMC Studio 20 in Houston, Texas.

 ‘THE OTHER SIDE‘ movie also stars Dtymi Ngozi Ibe, American based Nollywood actress, writer and producer, and Chet Bashari Anekwe a New York based actor and director.

The evening was a night to remember, it also brought out top Nollywood actors such as, Alex Ekubo, Anthony MonjaroRobert Peters, Pascal Atuma to name a few.


Ike (Chet Anekwe) has got a strong motive to want to commit this crime but he has a rock solid alibi. Oge (Dtymi Ngozi Ibe) is beautiful and rich; she has no baggage, so it’s very convenient for him. Natasha (Uche Jumbo) will fight so hard to keep her man.

Some Pictures from the Premiere:

Dtymi Ngozi Ibe & Uche Jumbo Rodriguez





Written by: Noellin Imoh

Photo credit:Victory Media Pro



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