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Ghanian Actress Nadia Buari Gives Birth to Twins Out of the Blue!

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Nadia Buhari gives birth to Twins

They say Rumours travel faster then the speed of light. Ghanian sweet heart and Actress Nadia Buari confirms giving birth to twins. The father and sex of the babies are not know yet as security is tight.

Just a fews days ago Ghanaian news outlets reported that the actress had given birth to twins, of course we couldn’t believe it as no one saw it coming, then her father confirmed it to the media without giving out much information. 

The Ghollywood actress herself took to her Instagram page to confirm the rumour in writing by posting the picture below

Ghanian actress Nadia Buhari gives birth to twins

 Dear Buttercakes. (She wrote)

How wonderful it is to feel cherished and cheered by one’s loved ones! My heart throbs and thrive in joy by the much love you have all shown me and my little angels. We are eternally grateful. May my joy of the moment become your moment of joy as we enjoy this moment of Gods blessings together. To God, to you and all who think forward…love you immensely”.


Love, N.S.B’

Nadia Buhari gives birth

She thanked her fans for the love shown to her and her ‘little angels’, without any further details, however, her fans are asking for a picture of the babies and possibly the father of the babies. One thing we know for sure is, Nollywood actor Jim Iyke is not the father of her twins. Nadia successfully extracted her love life out of they public eye after she broke up with the Nigerian actor some few years back.


Written by: Noellin Imoh

Photo credit: Instagram



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