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Nollywood Actress Uru Eke Talks About Dreams “In Pursuit of Your Dreams” She Wrote

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Uru Eke Writes About Pursuing Dreams

Nollywood actress Uru Eke write an intersting article about the pursuit of dreams.

Dreams: our vivid imaginations and aspiration that birth endless possibilities in our minds, the promise of real existence. I say real existence because one cannot truly exist if they are not living their dreams and being their true self.

We often hear of ‘a higher purpose,’ and that the human existence will be void of true accomplishment if we do not find it. Sounds abstract? Let me break it down a bit, everyone has been made for a particular path that will contribute immensely to their journey of finding personal fulfillment, but with no securities promised, each one to his own.

Ever had a dream that utterly scared you and made you wonder? Welcome to my world once upon a time; but in all, I have found that the ability for your dreams to thrive and blossom into reality is within you. You just have to find it in the process.

Going through life in denial of your dreams and the responsibility it carries may seem like an easy way out, but in the long run it isn’t.

According to Aruni Futuronsky: “The energy it takes to ignore an inner longing is greater than the leap of faith it takes to move you in the direction of your dreams” This is so apt because if it is really your true passion, it will continue to consume you, and you’ll never quite know what boundless opportunities could have come your way. Also, the immense satisfaction it could have brought you.

In pursuing your dreams, there will be naysayers and divergent perspectives from gatekeepers, family and friends. Dealing with this can sometimes be the most difficult, because these are people who you share your life with, whose loyalty and love you can vouch for, yet they do not share your passion. Now that can be tough. For me it was no easy feat getting everyone aboard my new chosen path, an acting career in Nollywood, leaving a prestigious UK career in IT consulting.

In fact, a close friend opened up at some point and said to me: “Isn’t it better to pursue a more traditional and sensible career route other than giving up a juicy IT job, and going after an acting career in Nollywood?” Not even Hollywood she said. It was difficult to listen to, but it only made me more determined to follow my heart and give it my best shot. As Walter Bagehot said; “The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”

Make no mistake, I’m still on a journey towards the full realization of my dreams; but I must say that, boy has it been rewarding. Having said that I still wake up everyday with a new drive to push… and that is what passion does. The satisfaction and inner peace….no words can describe.

The key is to set out, one step at a time because there is never a good time to get going. Here is what you should know, accomplishing a dream or a set goal will serve as a catalyst for bigger accomplishments, it makes you say to yourself, ‘all I do is win’, and that positive attitude garners wins. On the other hand, a feeling of un-accomplishment that stems from the lack of action will over time annihilate your drive and passion for the pursuit of your dreams, presenting the risk of deep seated regret and never knowing what it could become, how far you could have gone.

A few things guided me in my decision to jump ship, I asked myself these questions:

1) Does this excite you Uru? The answer was “YES”!!!

2­) Does it open up your heart in some special type of way? By opening your heart, I mean does it make you think outside the box? It stimulates creativity and excellence.

3) Are you skilled in this Uru? If not, can it be developed?

Next, I outlined steps in transiting to my dream career and looked into an immediate financial plan for the transition process. And so did the journey begin.

No matter what you are confronted with in accomplishing your dreams, stay inspired and celebrate your little successes.

It may be a career change or the fact that you have to move continents or states to kick start a cause or a skill. My personal mantra is “go out there and get it because no one will hand it to you” Whatever form your dream takes, pursue it today. Take a bold step. It won’t be easy, It won’t be fancy, and it may damn well never work out…but you made an effort. Why live a life of what ifs? When you can live a life of what you did! Only then can you live a life of fulfillment.

Written by: Uru Eke

Source: Bella Nija



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