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How To Make Sweat Fashionable ,Introducing The Isossy Children Sweat Collection 2015!

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When has Sweat ever been fashionable? Unless it is when a world sporting champion is winning on the track or field it hasn’t, until now.  Isossy Children has been inspired by sporting champions and fashion legends from around the world, creating fashion forward edgy designs for children with the new Sweat Collection.

The Sweat Collection is a combination of casual chic and trans-seasonal wear which embodies the spirit of youthful energy and vigour. Every child can be a champion, every child can win, and every child has endless possibilities to excel. Every piece of this collection encapsulates that winning attitude and that desire to encourage children to believe in themselves as winners!

Key pieces in the collection for girls include the hooded cape with bold pleated detail, creating an amazing silhouette which can be coupled with the jersey draped skirt or low crouch textured sweat pants.

For boys, the collection has drop crouch pants with embroidered design detailing; coupled with the unisex jersey top and hand stitched asymmetric print textures on the front.

True to the brand’s ‘global clothing for kids’ fashion ethos global prints and chiffon have been interspersed to contrast with the collections jersey textures and tones throughout.

Isossy Children is passionate about sharing diverse fashions for global citizens living in global times.



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