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Editors Thought: Becoming Good To Myself Is The First Step To Happiness & Success!

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Becoming Good to yourself

The world is such a busy place today, we all want to get somewhere either financially, educational or otherwise, making us forget to treat ourselves right. Most of us don’t know what is called self-love  and being good to ourselve, however causes us to stumble and fail in most things we do. Mind you, self-love is not about dining, cinema, bubble baths, pedicures, or siting opposit the TV.  There is so much more to self-love than just eating and pampering yourself!

Of course, self-love is a not a destination, it’s a practice. Self-love is a foundation on which we build a happy life. Without self-love, we have nowhere to put the love or abundance that comes to us. When you make other things your first priority, do not completely neglected your own needs, for happinessAccepting yourself for who you are is the first step to self-love and success in whatever you do. 

Self-Love Happiness

“Self-love requires you to be honest about your current choices and thought patterns and undertake new practices that reflect self-worth.” -Caroline Kirk

Most of the time, we get upset with things we have no control over or cannot fix. Try and use that energy to focus on things you can fix which will lead you to a happy place. Happiness is a decision. My childhood was not cristial or crazy, but I definitely had struggles like anyone else. For a long time, I allowed my circumstances to determine how I felt about myself and draw conclusions about the type of life I was destined to live. I carried that heaviness for a long time but realized at some point that I had the power to redefine how I viewed the world including career wise. With that power, I chose to view setbacks as a challenge or temporary.

Love yourself more and other will follow

To cut long story short, I have researched and picked some few points that can help us embrace self-love which will lead to success.

10 Great Ways To Exercise Self-love That Can Lead To Success

  1. Giving your body the nurturing, rest, exercise, and comfort it needs to the best of your ability, mostly after a long busy day, period or after a stressful encounter.

  2. Do NOT ever forget taking time to do whatever you love, time waits for no one and stop postponding!

  3. Stop rehashing your past mistakes and dragging yourself to a dark place when you know that you can only learn from the past; we can’t change it. Find motivational and inspirational things that can help build up your hope back again.

  4. Accepting yourself with the good, the bad, the ugly, the sexy, the fat and skinny. Appreciating yourself as a person, not labelling yourself with others’ opinions of you. Also, learning to set boundaries that protect and nurture your relationships, with yourself and others.

    Love yourself more

  5. Stop blaming parents, family, friends or partner for your current situation or issues, and looking for ways to heal your wounds and change your dysfunctional patterned behaviour by reaching out to your ministers at church or school, therapists, coaches or anyone special you respect his/her opinion.

  6. Following what your gut or intuition says instead of living out of your emotions,ego and pride.

  7. Staying in your integrity, both when it comes to you and when interacting with others out in the world. This includes keeping yourself in check regarding patterns such as lying, manipulating, co-depending, withholding, and pretending.

  8. Allowing yourself to dream big, without contaminating these dreams with judgments, self-doubt, limitations, or a lack of sense of self-deserving.

  9. Make it your business to know how you’re spending your emotional, mental, financial, and physical energy, and whether these activities bring back joy, connection, nurturing, rest, and creativity to your life.

  10.  And last but not list, Loving and accepting ourselves even when we fail miserably or over and over again at some of these self-love goals.

Happiness is key
While you are on a mission to loving yourself, remember that no one else can offer these things to you because we owe them to our individual selves. No one else can prevent you from going into a self-loathing attack when it all goes wrong. and this is suppose to be normal. Enjoying moments with people who care about you and ignoring others who don’t, are part of the necessities in this journey called life. To rest my case, in other to be successful in everything positive you aim, you have to find your happy place and this is when self-love steps in.

Don’t fail to voice your opinion and let me know if you agree with me.

Written by: Noellin Imoh-Griffiths

Noellin Imoh



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