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Fitness Monday: 5 Helpful Tips To Avoid Weight Gain While On Vacation!

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Fitness during vacation

For  anyone looking to live a healthy lifestyle and get their mojo back, going on vacation is the surest way to achieve this. Travelling can rejuvenate as well as help you reduce the unwanted fat around your waist.<

To some people gaining weight is actually an accomplishment. However, as you take the much-needed break from your daily routine, it is important to streamline your activities to ensure that with all the rest and food you get, your weight does not spiral out of control., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal gathers 5 helpful tips that can help you stay healthy while on vacation.

Take advantage of local delicacies

Travel is incomplete if you do not act or eat like a local wherever you are on vacation.  This offers you the best of travel as it gives you the opportunity to tremendously enmesh yourself in the sights and sounds of a city like Kano. So, rather than consuming processed food whose nutritious content are diminished, it is advisable to eat traditional food. These local specialties contain less preservatives which make it very nutritious. Imagine eating Edikaikong when you visit Calabar!

Fitness during vacation

Watch your sugar

Your body system needs a certain level of sugar to function properly. Equally, too much sugar can lead to weight gain and metabolic dysfunction.  It is better to consume items that have relatively low levels of sweeteners like fruits.

Book a kitchen equipped accommodation

If you are open to cooking your own meals while on vacation, do not hesitate to book a hotel room that has a kitchen. This will allow you prepare your meals while on the road. Here, you are certain of what you eat. In addition, try as much as possible to cook at least one healthy meal during the period of your vacation.

Explore on foot

Driving often can retain the extra calories you have accumulated since your vacation kicked off. If your destination is a walking distance, make it a habit to walk. This will keep your body in good shape and help you shed calories.

Fitness during vacation

Sleep when you can

For some business minded people who are travelling, they have very little time to sleep due to their tight schedule. Despite the fact that they are on vacation, they still receive calls to attend one meeting or the other. Hence, whenever you have the time and chance to take a nap, do not hesitate. Perhaps, switching off your phone can aid your sleeping.

Ogunfowoke Adeniyi
Travel/Technology Writer


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