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Global Africa Women’s Week in partnership with Universal Peace Federation Official Launch takes place tomorrow in UK Parliament!

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Global Africa Women's Week UK

Global Africa Women’s Week in partnership with Universal Peace Federation is launching officially tomorrow, 4th of July. Guest of honour and keynote speaker at the official event taking place in UK Parliament is Her Excellency former president of Malawi Dr.Joyce Banda.

The main theme for the event is “giving the African woman her voice back.” Said  BEFFTA founder and Media personality, Dr Pauline Long. We want to make sure that every African woman in the village, in the city, in the Diaspora and globally get’s her voice back in areas that matter such as economy, leadership, education, health sector, justice and more. She added.

Pauline Long and Dr. Joyce Banda

Founder Dr. Pauline Long &  Her Excellency former president of Malawi Dr.Joyce Banda.

Global Africa Women’s Week is a universal movement for every African woman in every part of the globe. It is a framework for every African woman to connect and empower each other through victory, leadership, injustices, struggles and business.

“As African women you are welcome to join the movement and connect with every African woman in the world. During GLOBAL AFRICA WOMEN’S WEEK 2015 which is from 20th-26th July you can do the following:

1. Organise your GAWW events in every city and village
2. Organise your GAWW award ceremony to celebrate every African woman wherever they are.
3. Campaign through GAWW against injustices that women and their children face 
4. Connect with African governments through GAWW 
5. Highlight on real issues that affect the African woman like domestic violence, FGM, rape, child sexual abuse 
6. Reach out to African women affected by war 
7. Highlight on the issue of child marriage 
8. Highlight on education for every African child 
9. Emphasise on grass root African women leadership 
10. Encourage entrepreneurship in all industries 
11. Campaign for healthcare access for African women and their children 
12. Promote your businesses through GAWW events
13. Organise your GAWW empowerment afternoon tea 
14. Organise your GAWW fashion shows 
15. Highlight on unemployment 
16. Organise your GAWW concerts 
17. Organise your GAWW conferences or summits”

Get involve if your business or organisation supports African Women.

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