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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Maarifa Circle launches the new ‘MaarifaHub’ App for Android and Apple devices!

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Maarifa Circle App for Android and Apple devices

London, United Kingdom –Community interest company, Maarifa Circle has now launched the MaarifaHub. The MaarifaHub is an app devoted to allowing users from the African diaspora to engage, interact with and support their community.

The MaarifaHub includes a comprehensive list of UK based black businesses, with address details and turn-by-turn navigation to allow users to locate more readily their favourite African / Afro-Caribbean business.

The first of its kind in the UK, the MaarifaHub provides a single point of interaction for conscious individuals seeking to learn more about a range of subjects such as African history, the etymology of African names and resources for empowering children.

The MaarifaHub provides up to the minute news from Africa which allows users to keep up to speed with developments on the continent. The app also has a calendar stocked with a list of all the events that could be of interest to users, so you never have to miss an event again.

The MaarifaHub has a number of features that will allow users to engage more actively with Maarifa Circle, with direct access to Maarifa Circle’s social media content such as their YouTube videos, Instagram posts and their recently revamped blogging platform – Maarifa Speaks.

Maarifa Circle’s Chief Executive and founder, Nana Boa-Amponsem said “With over 10,000 Black owned businesses in London alone, the potential for the MaarifaHub to expand and support the Black community in the UK and beyond is truly exciting.”

About the MaarifaHub app

  • The app is free to download for all users;

  • The app features:

    • A comprehensive directory of UK based black owned businesses;

    • Turn by turn directions to business locations;

    • A self-study section with hours and hours of empowering content;

    • Access to MaarifaSpeaks – the Maarifa Circle dedicated blog;

    • African news from a range of sources;

    • Access to Maarifa Circle’s social networks including YouTube and Instagram;

  • The app is available to download from Google’s Play store as well as the Apple iStore.

  • Organisations will be able to register their businesses for free until the end of 2016 – to register your organisation email;   

  • All organisations that register a listing on the app will get their first 3 months featured on the app for free with the annual subscription fee of £30 per annum (or £3.99 when paid monthly) past the initial free period.  

About Maarifa Circle

  • Maarifa Circle was founded in 2014 and exists to empower, educate and address the needs of all people of African descent.

  • Maarifa Circle has a network of over 100,000 people worldwide and is dedicated to providing persons of African heritage with the resources that they need in order to further themselves and their community given the current social, political and economic landscape globally.

  • 2016 is set to be a standout year for Maarifa Circle with the MaarifaHub marking the first of a number of exciting projects in the pipeline.

  • Follow Maarifa Circle on Facebook; Instagram; YouTube and Twitter.


For further information on the MaarifaHub app launch or for general information about Maarifa Circle please direct enquiries to




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