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A brand New BBC 2 Documentary Series “LIFE SWAP ADVENTURE” now Casting!

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I’m an Assistant Producer at the BBC and we are currently casting for a brand new exciting BBC 2 documentary series – Life Swap Adventure (working title). For the series we are looking to hear from people who are open to having a potentially life changing global adventure and experience a totally different way of living.

We will be swapping the lives of people in the UK with people from around the world for a couple of weeks, the idea of the show is we can show how everyday people live in different countries and the people from those countries get to experience life in the UK.

At this stage of the production we are reaching out to a range of organisations, societies, clubs, sports teams etc to spread the word about the show and encourage people to apply to take part.

To apply people just need to send me an email (my email address is on the flyer) and I will send them an application form.



  1. I love the idea and it will be out of the ordinary from some TV program’s, it would be nice to see how the other half of the world lives (I served for Her Majesty for 22 years, so saw a few places) but now slightly damaged and well over 50+ ok 68 🙂 My wife is from Jamaica so took her home only a few years ago for the first time since she was 9.. (now that was a long time ago) I hope you find someone who shares my love of history and asks for Peru!!
    all the best with the program
    Gray Lawrence (Utility Warehouse Distributor) Extraordinaire..


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