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Fitness Friday: Try These 7 Core Workouts For The Attractive Body Shape!

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Other than having great toned abdominals that look good, having a strong core helps prevent injuries, as most movement starts at the centre and moves outwards. This means that if you have a strong core, it will ensure your general movements are strong and pain-free. A strong core helps to relieve back pain, as this pain is usually caused by a weak core.

Having a strong core will also help protect your organs since your core muscles surround these organs along with your nervous system. Strong muscles will allow vital organs, such as the heart, to work to their full capacity.

Core is important when it comes to posture. Having a strong core will allow you to stand, sit, walk, and run with the muscle support needed to maintain good posture and prevent back pain or difficulties.

With all these points in mind, here are 8 great core exercises that you can follow to get yourself on the road to a much-needed optimal core.

1. Pank

One of the best core exercises out there, the plank concentrates on the muscles running all the way through your body.

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2. Side Jack Knife

This exercise is great for your abs and will give you an effective workout for your core muscles. It really squeezes your obliques as you lift your legs.

3. Squats

Core workouts that include squats are essential. Not only do squats help with stability and mobility, they work the muscles through the entire body from the abdominals downwards, creating a great all-round optimal exercise.

4. Arm, Leg and Chest Raises

This move really concentrates on your core muscles and allows them to work at their full potential.

5. Quadruped

This move tightens your abdominal muscles and improves balance.

6. Abdominal Hold

While it may be tough at first, this move will help you build strength in your core.

7. Side Crunches:

Side crunches as part of your core workouts are a good way of targeting your mid-section.

Tips On When Doing Your Core Workouts

  • Write down a schedule of your workouts as this will help you to keep your motivation high. Start with a weekly or monthly timetable of each daily workout you do. Make sure you show exactly how many reps you will do for each exercise and show a progression throughout the week or month by adding weights and intensity.
  • Be aware of your limits — if you feel pain at any stage, then stop the exercise immediately. Start easy and work your way up as this will make the workouts a lot more beneficial and will help you to avoid injuries.
  • Always drink plenty of water when doing workouts as you can get easily dehydrated.
  • Talk with your doctor if you suffer from back pain or are pregnant as these exercises may not be suitable.



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