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Toniaamaka Chrisokere: Life Is A Learning Curve!

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Life is a learning curve. Life is a long journey. Life is progressive not stagnate. Therefore…… Always remember to wear your SHOES size as you journey, to live and learn because life is a learning curve and it is a long way you MUST have to walk taking one step at a time to understand how not to repeat SOMETHINGS by carefully mastering the skills from each step you take, till you arrive at your SAFE CHOSEN DESTINATION.

We’re all our daily choices. Daily choose to be kind to YOURSELF.

Daily celebrate your life.

Daily count your blessings.

Gratitude works wonders.

Be careful. Be authentic.

Be grateful.

Be gracious.

Be graceful.

Be fair because tomorrow is mysterious.

Believe it or not, ANYTHING you do, especially consciously, you’re directly and indirectly doing YOURSELF by YOURSELF.

Toniaamaka Chrisokere….everlasting obedience to You Dad.

Toniaamaka Chrisokere is a single mother of four Sickle Cell Children. God used her pain to transform her life. She is home schooled by God Himself and He’s trusted her  with an undocumented truth which time can NEVER PROVE wrong that there’s only one Uncreated Creator who created everyone and everything and loves all His creatures with an IRREVOCABLE Love that’s why hell is shut forever because everyone and anyone is relevant. In her spare time, Toniaamake is a playful soul, a lover of music who also enjoy dancing.



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