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International Actress Yvonne Hays Makes TV Debut ‘Sons Of The Caliphate’ In Nigeria!

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London based Nollywood actress Yvonne Hays makes her star debut in Nigeria featuring in a brand new TV series Sons of The Caliphate. An exclusive screening of the newest political and cultural series premiered at IMAX Filmhouse cinema Lekki, Lagos this week.

The 13-part drama series about the lives of three rich, passionate and ambitious young men who are caught up in the hidden corners of power, the darkness of addiction and the obligations of family loyalty promises to take the audience on a journey into the rich, cultural and flamboyant aristocratic lifestyle of Northern Nigeria.

This is no doubt a big one for beautiful actress Yvonne Hays who started off in London some few years back and was perceived as one to watch out for. 

“Perseverance & Commitment has remained my motto in this journey of mine and I can honestly say those two things have kept me afloat so far in this crazy entertainment business. I’m thankful and grateful for the opportunity to have auditioned for it, gone to Abuja to film it and then it being on such an awesome platform like EbonyLife TV. Watching episode one last night at the press screening was a thing of immense joy to me and the other female actresses that attended it…it made us emotional.” She said.

“Meeting our executive producer and boss lady of EbonyLife TV Mo Abudu and hearing & seeing her excitement for this project made us all proud of our work. It’s no wonder she has already commissioned season 2 💯” She added.

Yvonne Hays Sons of the Caliphate tv series

Yvonne Hays Actress

Sons of the  Caliphate Yvonne Hays

Yvonne Hays Sons of the Caliphate tv series

Watch the Trailer

 ‘Sons of the Caliphate’ went on air Thursday the 14th night, 9pm and will carry every Thursday on EbonyLife TV DSTV 165.



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