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LINDA IKEJI Launches New Social Networking Site Called LINDA IKEJI SOCIAL (LIS)

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So by now we are sure you have been seeing the LIS flying around for the past few months now and many have wondered what it is and what it could be well wonder no more as Linda Ikeji launches her own social network site today and we must say it is Awesome and a big move for her.

The Entrepreneur adds another great project under her belt and this one is bound to be big we see. According to what we have seen of the site, it is FACEBOOK MEETS LINDA IKEJI BLOG MEETS EBAY all on 1 platform and if this goes well, it is going to be great. So you can socialise like add friends, pictures, messages, Read blog, watch music, cureent news and shop all in one place.

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According to the copy on the site, LIS is a community where users can “make friends, be the first to know when things happen, have fun, and get awesome rewards.” To join this community, users can either create a free account or sign up using their Facebook accounts.

In Linda Ikeji’s words, LIS is “social networking meets blogging meets classifieds ads/buy and sell all in one package.” I signed up (of course, I did), and this is what my feed looks like – news and ads.

Check Out Linda Talking About the Website and how it Works

Its been a mixed review so far. Some fans says they love it and cant wait to get into it while others say they dont get it or simple dont see it being like facebook as it been put out. We dont have an opinion yet but we will be trying it out this week and defo let you know our thoughts on it. 

All in all, A big congrats and Kudos to her for this iniciative and invention on it. Keep shinning #BossMove #BossLevel #FemaleBoss



Written by: Gold Ola




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