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Chika Ike, Victoria Nyama Among Others Supports Africa Research Information & Development Bureau (ARIDB) Charity Fundraising in London!

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The first ever ‘Out of Nigeria Call To Action’ organised by Nigeria Research Information & Development Bureau (NRIDB) gala fundraising took place on Saturday, the 26th of November in London. Organised by Dr Juliana Amadi, the fundraising was specifically to raise funds towards the improvement of Security, Stability and Economic Development/Regeneration of the Eastern States of Nigeria.

Nollywood celebrities including; Chika Ike, Victoria Nyama, HRM Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade, Florence Blaster Okonkwo, Adaeze Etoniru, Princess Enwerem, among others who also received a special award graced the event to lend their support. The event hosted by Tee Nzekwe had a keynote speech which was delivered by Chief Sir OAU Onyema (Deputy president general, ohaneze nid Igbo organisation worldwide). 

A night filled with entertainment, food, drink and merriment saw great people come together to support a successful fundraising event which has become the start of something great. The Executive Director & founder of the charity; Dr Juliana Amadi during her interview with us said ‘Let stop waiting for a government, let us join hands and start working together to take care of our own. It is up to us to challenge each other to do even more than we already do in our own communities. It is necessary; it is time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves what we are doing to create change. We need to do better; for the good of our homeland and for those who will come after us. It is time to Make That Change. The future direction, hopes and dreams of our people, our homeland is in Our Hands“.

NRIDB also known as ARIDB (Africa Research Information and Development Burea has created the strategic roadmap for the community to rebuild our broken states. However, NRIDB cannot achieve its goals of improving Security, Stability and Economic Regeneration without the support of the community. Indeed, the lack of unity and genuine support from the community is and has been the biggest obstacle to the progress of NRIDB and hence the achievement of their common goal; The Economic Regeneration Of Nigerian States.

Pictures From The Event

Chika Ike Supporting Charity Event

Chika Ike (Actress

Dr Juliana Amadi (NRIDB) Executive Director

Victoria Nyama (Actress)

Chief Sir OAU Onyema 

Princess Enwerem

Adeexe Etoniru

Anthony Everest

To take part in this great cause and donate from£2.50 a month,  Email:

For more info, visit their website:

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