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Toniaamaka Chrisokere: Love propels us to do GOOD!

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Don’t hide Step out in faith. Faith is taking risk None has ever walked WITHOUT falling Just take a step Expecting anything. Yes. Be fully prepared for anything. Those who genuinely Love you will come to Your rescue as fast as possible That’s what genuine love is.

They will comfort you Embrace you to heal and Encourage you to try again That’s what love is Love propels us to do GOOD. And doing GOOD makes One feel GOOD Which is win win Both the giver and recipient Of kindness Of goodness Of mercy/forgiveness Of encouragement Of counsel Of helpfulness Of support of all types Benefit from whatever They were able to freely give.

Choose to freely give Those who knows the Worth and value of your Input and can afford to pay. Will joyfully pay Choose to live in wealth Than cash Those who are after cash And cash alone Remain limited because No amount of cash Is ever enough but Those who are after wealth Live in abundance without fear.

They’re joyfull distributors And the universe will command Their needs and wants to be met Because they’ve been freely Contributing to the needs and Wants of other consciously And unconsciously DAILY Which made them wealthy.

Don’t settle for little Be a channel of blessing Choose to be a distributor Of whatever you want for Yourself for others to enjoy from you too because That’s what love is Love propels us to Desire the best for others.

Little belongs to self Centred people/selfish Which can’t multiple Because they don’t share Which isn’t love Love is life Love blossoms Love extends to others.  

From whosoever Lives in love Love is an unstoppable Energy that easily connects With others Unfortunately If you’re yet to Genuinely love yourself You will ignorantly Remain limited If All your interest in life Is you Yourself Alone Which is captivity Self imprisonment.

Free yourself because Christ Jesus paid to END Every form of captivity Over 2000 years ago… We’re all our daily choices Wisely choose to be a Producer or distributor Not just a consumer..

Toniaamaka Chrisokere……everlasting obedience to You Dad, in Jesus might name amen!

Toniaamaka Chrisokere is a single mother of four Sickle Cell Children. God used her pain to transform her life. She is home schooled by God Himself and He’s trusted her  with an undocumented truth which time can NEVER PROVE wrong that there’s only one Uncreated Creator who created everyone and everything and loves all His creatures with an IRREVOCABLE Love that’s why hell is shut forever because everyone and anyone is relevant. In her spare time, Toniaamake is a playful soul, a lover of music who also enjoy dancing.



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