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The new season of #ThisOrThat on Pauline Long Show is back with a Brand New Panel!

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The new season of #ThisOrThat on Pauline Long Show, Sky 182 is back. The TV show which has an interactive panel discussion of hot topics ranging from current affairs, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, education, health, beauty and more is bigger and better.

The new season kicks off today, 26 of April 2017, last Wednesday of the month and the topic is ‘What Do You Look For In A Relationship?

The panel is diverse and consists of personalities from different parts of Africa. The brand new panel includes; The founder and host –  Dr Pauline Long, Cherise Makubale, Noellin Imoh-Griffiths,  Sheila Banda Tobie and  Deborah Jay Kelly.

Asked why she came up with this show, Pauline Long said, “Well USA has ‘The View’, Great Britain now has #thisORthat , it’s an exciting project! I believe everyone’s opinion matters and I so wanted to share my platform on TV with other diverse women to discuss global issues. We will involve men on the panel too as their opinions matter.”

Join #thisORthat panel on twitter @paulinelong FB: Pauline Long Show
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#ThisOrThat is aired live on Pauline Long Show every last Wednesday of the month from 1pm-2pm


Viewers who are unable to watch the show on Sky Channel 182 or FREEVIEW 244 can watch the show live online from any part of the world at



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