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Becoming Your Best Version!

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The truth remains that people always go for the best and latest version of things like cars, buildings, technology, gadget etc. and for them to be able to obtain it, they must have the cash equivalent, then do away with the old ones.

Becoming your best version, means that you must be up to your game, by doing the needful, in whatever you do, failure to update yourself, leaves you to become an obsolete.

Being at your best version, calls for a serious smart work, dedication and commitment, it requires you to always be on the alert on the recent happening that not only involve what you do, but also in other areas. You must always seek for information, to continuously update yourself of the latest development, of what you do, and avoid been stereotype.

The world is interesting today, as a result of people being in their best version, by coming out with the latest development of what they produce to make others more comfortable.

The best version of you, can only be seen or felt with what you do by the people around you. Imagine you have a product you produce, and still produce it in the old way, no! You must as a matter of importance and urgency ‘upgrade’ to suit the present trend. This is also applicable to yourself, you must involve yourself, in self development, by always updating your knowledge bank, which automatically help you to become the best version of yourself.

The truth remains that, it is what you know, that can help you stand in test of time, and if you must remain the best version, you must continue to seek for information to keep you abreast of what is happening not only in your location, but the world at Large. Being at your best version, is the only thing that can keep you relevant, and make you be remembered​, even when you are no more. You don’t have any excuse not to always be in your best version, if you want to remain in charge of your game.

You will succeed!


Written by: Peter Odianosen Eromosel

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