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‘It’s not enough to just believe, you have to work at what you believe in’ – Mary Kay National Director, Elizabeth Ozua Celebrates 14 yrs!

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Chief Mrs Elizabeth Ozua, MARY KAY Cosmetics brand UK National director, today Dec 1st, celebrates 14 years in the beauty industry. Mrs Ozua who is popularly known in the UK as a successful business woman has become an inspiration and a huge motivation to most young women of African decent.

She took to her Facebook page to share her mild stone saying.

Chief Mrs Elizabeth Ozua – MARY KAY Cosmetics brand National director UK

“Exactly 14 years ago at about 9.15am UK time, I got a call to announce my appointment as the 1st National Sales Director in Mary Kay UK. 9 years after I joined the company. My joy knew no bounds. However, it wasn’t really about me. It was about breaking a belief barrier and the lessons I learned in the process and keep learning to date. I have learned that:
#When you wish good for others, good things come back to you. This is the law of nature
#Leadership is the sum total of the decisions we make. Every decision has consequences.
#It’s not enough to just believe, you have to work at what you believe in. I believed that the MK business can really enrich lives and I set about doing that and still do to date.
#Without Patience you can never see a thing grow. Every farmer understands that principle. The higher you go the deeper you want to get down. Growth is best in inches at a time not leaps. Many a time what grows in leaps will not last, because the roots are not firmly bedded.
#Sometimes your disappointments can lead to God’s appointment. The struggle as you lead is real but so are the rewards.
#God never asks if your are worthy to lead. He only asks if you are ready?
#Being positive in a negative situation is not being naive, it is Leadership.
#To work hard in silence and let success make the noise.
#It’s not what is in your pocket that matters, it’s what is in your heart. So I have learnt to always listen with a heart of interest not ears of profit. Today I want to inspire people, I want one person to look at me and say because of you. “I DIDN’T GIVE UP”.
I could go on forever, however today I AM REALLY GRATEFUL TO GOD. 🙏🏽
I have learnt to:
🙏🏽Trust God not People.
🙏🏽Depend on God and not on myself.
🙏🏽Live for God and not for this world. And above all put
🙏🏽God over everything. God is the only reason I made it this far.
Thank you Mary Kay for founding this opportunity of the land. I am loving and living my life. Happy 14th Anniversary to the Eagle 🦅 Area, THE GENESIS AND THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS. #MyMKLife #MKUK#EagleAreaMKUK #GenesisArea #AttitudeofGratitude #NSDElizabethOzua#PushItToTheLimit.

We are inspired! We say a big congratulations to her.

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