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Serria Leone Election 2018 Presidential Candidate, Julius MAADA Bio & His Wife Fatima Jabbe Bio Happily Casts Their Vote!

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Today is the D-day for the people of Serria Leone. Polls opened early this morning across the country as voters came out to elect a new president and a set of political representatives for the next five years. Presidential candidate, Julius MAADA Bio and his wife, Fatima Jabbe Maada Bio gladly walked and casts their vote earlier today.

Julius MAADA Bio is one of the 6 presidential candidates for the March 2018 general election. He proudly walked to the polling station with his beautiful wife and youngest child to cast their vote this morning.

Queues formed outside polling stations from midnight as people sought to cast their ballots as quickly as practicable. The country hopes to conduct an election in a way that is inclusive, peaceful and democratic.

We might be looking at the next president of Serria Leone.

Polls opened at 7am GMT and close at 5pm GMT. Voters are required to be in the same place they registered and must present a voter ID card to the electoral officials at polling stations. Over 3.1 million people are registered to vote, a record number in the country’s elections. | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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  1. The poll leaves till the end the 27% who are not decided. Under these metrics only 36.5 % of decided and leaning voters are for a PC government and it would mean 18.5% for a Liberal government. Certainly not a nice number for the Liberals, but we also do not know who is decided and who is leaning in the Angus Reid poll. We”ve had polls that include leaning voters and they”ve turned into duds. paperhelp


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