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Would You Buy this £850 Idris Elba character doll?

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Emperis Doll has revealed their recent art doll project and it’s the one and only British actor, Idris Elba. The doll is set to sell for a mouth-watering  £850, However, people are reacting and criticising the doll saying it looks nothing like the hunk actor.

Idris Elba character doll is said to be a special sculpted Idris likeness, but all fans see is the doll’s ‘evil’ eyes and bald un-proportional head which have left many questioning what the maker of the specialist doll was actually thinking.

Dressed in a suave suit, the doll is 17 inches tall, he has a toned, masculine physique and made of the new resin which is lighter but stronger and gives a flesh-like feel to the touch and has a smoothness of quality that fans would love.

Elba was recently voted People Magazine’s ‘sexiest man alive’. So tell us as a fan are you convinced this £850 doll, sold through Emperis’ online store, really resembled the Hollywood star?

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What People are saying about the doll

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