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Red Carpet Moments & More From The Successful London Premiere of ‘My London Slave’ Movie

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The London premiere of Cordelia Emeh’s producer debut ‘My London Slave’, took place at Odeon cinema Greenwich on Friday, March 29th and was a successful premiere. Movie lovers as well as Nollywood stars, came out in full to show their support.

London based filmmakers, including, Toyin Moore, Cordelia Emeh, Uche Odoputa, Daniel Lloyd, Charles Lawson, Labake Labake, Roseline Sanni Ajose, Theodora Ibekwe Oyebade, Ruke Amata, NneNna Ani, Neli Kings, Rhoda Wilson, Danny Eriskin to name a few graced the premiere.

Some of UK dignitaries who also graced the premiere were; Dr & Mrs Boma Douglas (Chairman CANUK), Prince Abiola & Mrs Golda Abiola (CEO African-Voice and AFA), Alistair Soyode (Ben Tv Chairman), Mr & Mrs Okuntubo (GABS Awards), President and members of Nollywood Producers Guild UK, President and members of the Actors Guild UK were in attendance.

‘My London Slave’ is produced by Cordelia Emeh, written and directed by Toyin Moore, a with Dwayne Joseph as DOP. Below are some red carpet and premiere highlight in pictures.

Movie lovers who attended the premiere found the movie very entertaining. For some, it was their first time at a Nollywood premier. There were positive vibes after the screening and viewers are looking forward to a sequel.

The evening ended with a fun-filled after party.




Actress & Producer – Cordelia Emeh
Actress & Filmmaker – Toyin Moore
My London Slave Movie Producer – Cordelia Emeh
My London Slave Movie Director – Toyin Moore
My London Slave Movie Actor – Daniel Lloyd

My London Slave Actor – Uche Odoputa

My London Slave Movie Actor- Charles Lawson
Actor, Make-up/Special Effects Make-up Artist – Cleopatra Starrets
Actor & Producer – Labake Labake
Nollywood Filmmaker – Ruke Amata
Dapo Opayinka – Actor ‘My London Slave’ Movie
Actress/Producer – Nicki Moore
Musician/Actor & Blogger – Anthony Everest
Happie Benson
Actor/Filmmaker – M.A Benson
Lucien Morgan – Actor ‘My London Slave’ Movie
Actor/Filmmaker – Roseline Sanni-Ajose aka (RSA)
Neli Kings – Actor & CEO-KingsEntz
Filmmaker, Producer and actor Tiya
Actor and Filmmaker – Theodora Nollywood Ibekwe-Oyebade
Cameroon/Nollywood Actress – Vera B Pride
In the middle is Labake Labake – Nollywood Actor/filmmaker who starred in  My London Slave with friends
African Glitz Editor/Red Carpet Host – Noellin Imoh Griffiths

Actor/Filmmaker – Florence Okonkwo
(From right) Actress/Producer – Stella Maris Okafor & Photographer Ella Pat T
TV Host/Presenter – Msteeq Marlene
Mr Otunba David Idiabana
Presenter “Rose on all sides” Ben TV

Filmmaker and actor My London Slave Funmi Ogidan Bello
Filmmaker and director Prince Okoye

BEN TV Director – Alister Soyode

From right – Christiana Tome, actor My London Slave and guest
From right Makeup artist and actor My London Slave, Jennifer Alali Brown and guest
Mr & Mrs Alabi guest

Nollywood Filmmakers Vera and Rita



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