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Exclusive Interview with Damilola Adeniran Ademuyiwa Founder Of Fraternize Event

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We had the opportunity to interview  Damilola Adeniran Ademuyiwa, the founder of Fraternize Event. A social gathering for couples and singles in Liverpool this summer. She talked about why she is hosting the hangout, what she hopes to achieve on the day and her vision for the event, first of its kind in Liverpool.

Fraternised Event takes place this Saturday, July 6th at the Britannia Adelphi hotel. The couples evening is set to be funfilled with delicious African delicatessen, comedy, music, fun games and networking. Below is what the founder had to say about it.




Hello Damiloa, We know you as the organiser of the upcoming Fraternize Event taking place in Liverpool July 6th, Can you please introduce yourself a lot better?

Hi, my name is Damilola Adeniran Ademuyiwa. I am a mother of three and a staff nurse by profession. I take pride in my career choices and I believe that confidence is what’s brought me here today.

Fraternize Events is the first of its kind and set to take place in Liverpool this summer, can you please tell us what the event is all about?

This event is meant for couples, singles and married to come together in one roof and have a lovely evening. There will be talks by some amazing speaker on how to solve problems in relationships and much more.

Why do you see the need to organise this kind of event?

The reason I have decided to host this spectacular event in Liverpool is to add some ‘WOW’ into the city and have people looking forward to Fraternize and also meet others that can relate to how and what they have in common. The evening is hosted for people to come and enjoy themselves, meet new people, socialise and share experiences. I also want to use the opportunity to appreciate singles and married couples. Address any issues that may be going on in the relationship and much more. The event is basically to explore, educate and inform participants.

Who can attend Fraternize Event?

It is an event for couples and singles searching singles. We don’t discriminate here at fraternise events we want everyone to find love and be happy in their life.

What are the ticket prices and how can one purchase a ticket?

The tickets are £30 and one can be able to purchase at the door if unable to get one before the event.

What time does the event start and what can people expect on the day?

Red carpet interview and pictures will start at 5 pm and the main event will kick off at 6 pm with refreshments and entertainment. We advise attendees to arrive early so that we all have a great time.

You choose a very casual outfit which is Ankara top and jeans for this event, why is that?

The reason I chose Ankara tops and jeans is that you can be casual and still have some culture in you. Also, it will be fun to see all the colours African prints and attires people have chosen to wear.

What do you hope to achieve on the day of this event and after the event?

I just want to see people happy. I want everyone who comes to the event to have a great time. We work a lot, life is serious and difficult at times, it will be lovely to blow the steam off at an event like this. We also hope to host Fraternized event annually.

If Successful will Fraternize event become an annual event? 

Yes, it will, just like I mentioned earlier. Next year I would like for more people to be interested and intrigued just by seeing what we’re bringing to the table this year.

Apart from being the founder of Fraternize event, do you manage any other businesses?

Yes I manage my own hairline Midas Hair it has been around for 4 years now and I supply any type of hair, human hair, Brazilian etc. I also make wigs and can go them in a range of different styles.

For business collaboration and opportunities, how can one reach you

You can reach via social media; Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. You can also email:

Thank you for your time and for having this interview with us. We’re a proud media partner for this interesting event and will be interviewing attendees on the red carpet on Saturday. We look forward to working with you and making the event a memorable one for all attendees.

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