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“Whoever Recorded This Don’t Like Yul” Fans & Colleagues React Following Video Of Yul Edochie & Judy Austin In A Heated Argument

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Nollywood actor Yul Edochie and his second wife, Judy Austin, have stirred reactions from their colleagues following a video of them arguing.

Africanglitz reported that Yul Edochie and Judy Austin created a stir online as they engaged in a heated argument.

The movie star, who has become fond of his Facebook page, shared a video of him engaging in an argument with Judy Austin over her addiction to her phone.

In the video, Judy Austin is seen recording their conversation while Yul reprimands her for not paying attention to him.

The lovebirds were quarreling over Judy’s support for a friend of Yul’s who had damaged his car.

According to the actor, he had given his friend one of his cars to travel with, but he ended up bashing it and didn’t tell him about it.

Rather than support him, Judy was pitching a tent with his friend, which had left him upset.

In his caption, Yul pondered why he couldn’t talk to Judy and why she wouldn’t listen to him.

He revealed that he had found the video on her phone and decided to post it.

Lamenting, he stated that he was getting tired of the whole thing.


Taking to a blog’s comment section, Uche Jombo, Pauloo Okoye, Uche Elendu, and others expressed displeasure at the video.

Paulo Okoye wrote, “Why!!! Why!!! Why!!! This is recorded!!! Whoever recorded this is don’t like Yul 💯!!!! Destroying Yul image he build for Years!! I’m so sick of this!!! So you can’t talk without recording??? Madness

Uche Jombo wrote, “There’s a reason it’s on Facebook. Making that content money

Uche Elendu wrote, “Can blogs just stop giving these clowns relevance? All for Facebook Odogwu turn to Odiegwu… Odiegwu reLly6

Yetunde Bakare wrote, “Actors dey act for actors. Na bloggers u blame

Adaora Ukoh wrote, “It’s just a PITY. What’s really going on”.

Judy Austin is accused of charming Yul Edochie

It was reported days ago that blogger Gistlover had claimed that Yul Edochie had been trapped by Judy, who is trying all means to overthrow May Edochie.

The blogger claimed that Yul returned to his senses after his son died, and he took down all photos of Judy from his Instagram page and cut ties with her.

Unfortunately, Judy was able to convince him to come see her prophet in Imo, who had a vision about him, and the actor had paid a visit to him, where voodoo was used on him.



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