Andrew Amechi’s Victims BLAMED/SHAMED For Their Predicaments? – More Girls Expose The Truth

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On April 27th, 2024, reports circulated about two missing girls, Celine and Afiba. At the time, the suspect, Andrew Amechi, a 52-year-old British-born Nigerian former gas engineer, was arrested but refused to confess to the whereabouts of the two friends. Afiba, who people later discovered was married, was shamed for going all the way to Nigeria to cheat on her husband. Some even went as far as saying the girls deserved what they got. However, after Popular Nigerian activist Harrison Gwamnishu got involved in the case, the truth about who Andrew Amechi is and his horrific abuse and diabolic ways with young ladies was brought to light.

Initially, The Narrative that most of these women are hookup girls looking for a millionaire before becoming Andrew Amaechi’s victims spread like wildfire. However, a few celebrities, such as Mary Remmy Njoku and Dr Rommel of Real Housewives of Lagos, came out to tell people not to condemn or be distracted but to focus on the main issues. Currently, there are about seven victims who have come forward to share their stories of abuse and molestation by Andrew.

Some of them sustained severe injuries while trying to escape. Who are these girls who are Victims of Andrews’s deadly and sinister ways? Despite their family trying to change the Narrative, will Celine and Afiba be found dead or alive?

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