Are Nigerians Applauding Violence by Being Happy That Bianca Ojukwu Slapped The Outgoing First Lady of Anambra State?

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    When last did you see Nigerians supporting a violent act?

    Yesterday, the country’s atmosphere was filled with applause for a violent act committed against Ebele Obiano, who is the outgoing First Lady of Anambra State. From a trending video, the news outlets had it that: The widow of late Chief Emeka Ojukwu – Bianca Ojukwu – slapped Mrs. Obiano for calling her a witch at the swearing-in ceremony of Governor Charles Soludo, at the state’s government house.

    The wife of the outgoing governor was seen to have waltzed her way towards Mrs. Ojukwu, after which she engaged her in a conversation.

    “What are you doing here? You said we will never win the governorship and here you are. You are a witch” she said.

    Enraged by such utterance of words, Bianca replied by landing her a heavy slap on the face, and this ensued what seemed to be a scuffle, at the VIP stand.

    For people who constantly condemn housewives who go after side-chicks, all in the name of condemning violence, you would wonder what changed. Are Nigerians now saying that violence is the best way to settle an issue?

    Isn’t Bianca wrong for slapping her? Why didn’t the widow reply to her with words like “stop calling me a witch”?

    Press play to watch the clear video

    Why aren’t Nigerians dragging Bianca for slapping a fellow woman, simply because of an insult that she could easily return?

    Tawai! That was what it took to gain my freedom from a bully who was our class prefect years ago. He knew I was a gentle boy, and that getting physical wasn’t my thing.  He abused his power and always bullied most classmates, simply because he could.

    He sometimes derived pleasure in documenting false names as names of noisemakers, because he didn’t like them. For some reason, he avoided my name, because the teacher would question the list – everyone knew I was a recluse.

    I was a tall slim boy, and he would make fun of me by calling me “broomstick.” And oh, he was usually in the habit of knocking people who disagreed with him, because he could get away with it – his mother was the principal of my school. He would give you a knock, and follow up with terrible depressing words.

    I was once his victim one certain week, for he kept doing and saying certain unimaginable things. We were always afraid to report to the teacher, because the last time someone did, he did it in fear, and was dismissed as being a liar.

    All it took was for me to realize that I will keep living a life of fear if I continued allowing the terror that he was. So, one morning, I told my little sister that “mummy and daddy will remove me from this school if that boy touches me again.”

    I was seated at the second to last line of the sitting arrangement of the class when he walked majestically towards me. The teacher had gone out, so he had resumed his duty as the class prefect.

    “Broomstick!” he screamed, and his clique started laughing at me.

    I ignored him as usual. Then, he realized that I was rather smiling, instead of feeling bad. He was about raising his hand to land me a knock on the head, but not before I had summoned the courage to dash him a heavy slap.

    You could hear the whole class shouting in jubilation while he held his chin. Our teacher noticed the ruckus from wherever she was and rushed towards us. Upon her arrival, she received the info from other classmates.

    Being a woman who understood that I was no troublemaker, she gave out those encouraging words:

    “For him to slap you, you must have offended him.”

    Ebele Obiano has been like my class perfect if you listen to the opinions of people. She has been a terrible human who takes delight in abusing her authority. Her notorious deeds of slapping people, not to mention her utterances, are well known. The last time Nigerians were this happy, was when a dictator died in Nigeria.

    I don’t think Nigerians are applauding violence. I think they are praising what seems to be Karma.

    Bianca Ojukwu must have held this in mind for long, and instead of allowing the woman to bully her, she freed herself from the depression that comes with being insulted.


    Written by: Edward Amah

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