Award Winning Author, Trainer, Life Coach, Pastor & Inspirational Speaker Deji Yusuf Launches His New Book ‘I See A Winner In You!

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Deji Yusuf

Deji Yusuf is a pastor, an award winning author, trainer, life coach and inspirational speaker. His 6th and latest book ‘I see a winner in you‘. was launched on Saturday, the 31st of October 2015 in London. Both fans, family and lovers of his book came out in full to support the amazing coach.

At a very young age Deji was involved in a fatal house fire accident which almost claimed his life. He jumped out from 4th floor down to the ground floor to save his life. As a result, he sustained 35% burns which left him with permanent scars on his upper parts of the body. 

Due to the permanent scars caused by the fire, Deji endured a very difficult childhood. As a teenager, he was bullied, and picked on at school because of the scares on his visible hands. As a result of this, he failed his GCSE three times. However, with sheer determination, hard work, and perseverance, he finally passed his GCSE on the fourth attempt. 

In 2004, he gained an admission at Tower Hamlet College to study BTEC National Certificate in Applied Science. Towards the end of the course in July 2006, Deji was noticed to be one of the best academic students of the year in Science department. In the same year, September 2006, he gained an admission at University of Greenwich to study Bachelor in Bio medical science. In 2009, he completed the course with first class qualification honours. 

After his graduation, he believed his story will inspire others to live their dreams no matter what their situation may have been or their currently going through, so he wrote his first book, “How To live your dreams”. Till date Deji has written over five books includimg the bestselling books, Why am I still single? And ‘Change is possible‘! 

Some Pictures From The Book Launch

As a life coach, he coaches people from all walks of life. It is his belief that as we live, we should teach. This philosophy urged him to create an online school for people who desire to learn about love and relationships, entrepreneurship or becoming a life coach. He also organises seminars on singleness, business, and becoming an author. 

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