AY Makun Triggers Questions From Netizens As He Unveils His 17-Year-Old Son, Denzel, For The First Time

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Popular stand-up comedian AY Makun creates a stir on social media by revealing his 17-year-old kid Denzel for the first time.

It is widely known that AY Makun, who has been married to Mabel since 2008, is the father of just two daughters: Michelle and Ayomide.

In light of this, netizens were shocked to see him flaunt a 17-year-old boy as his son.

My son is 17. May each day be a step closer to your dreams, filled with the warmth of love and the thrill of new adventures. Happy birthday, Denzel. Daddy loves you. See you soon.”

In reaction, a lot of netizens took to the comment section to query the comedian on how the boy came.

One @renees7744 wrote: “Son from where.”

lynn_la_stupenda wrote: “He has been with the wife over 17yrs and this isn’t her kid, so how??”

officialbigv wrote: “E shock una Abi? Na so we go de shock una. Nor be everything dem de upload online.”

houseofcalmperry wrote: “He said his son, him tell una say na him born am?? Na only who u born u fit call ur son??”

la_milianoconcepts wrote: “Your brother son can also be called your son even though he is your Nephew.”

boatnaija wrote: “AY is my son too, oh you didn’t know he is my father’s grand father’s nephew.”

lizzyberry22 wrote: “So his Nephew cant be his son ,like seriously cant you all see that he is using you all to catch cruise thats his sister son in d UK,Nawaah for una.”

realhonour199 wrote: “AY, it’s unwîse how this boy doesn’t look like u yet u’re not concerned.More unwîse having a child of 17yrs at ur age.Most unwîse letting him plait hair forgeting this a sign of irresponsibil!ty frm him being m!nor & u being father.This kind of hairstyle can attract bàd gangs when he start living alone in Uni.He may become stubborn,íll-mannered if care isn’t taken.Caution him to balb his hair.Avoid being a bad dad.Bád children turns bád society.Be wise. Don’t be unwîse.”

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