Ghana Academics Removes Gandhi statue Over Racist Identity

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This followed with an online petition launched by academics, which argued that the Indian social activist had a “racist identity” and has no place on campus grounds or the African country.

The statue of Mahatma Gandhi has been removed from a popular university campus in Ghana. The statue unveiled by India’s former President Prana Mukherjee in 2016 was to celebrate the strong ties between the two countries.

According to AFP news agency, students and lecturers told them it had been removed from the Legon campus of the University of Ghana in Accra on Tuesday.

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Obadele Kambon, head of language, literature and drama at the Institute of African Studies, said the removal was an issue of “self-respect”, reports.

“If we show that we have no respect for ourselves and look down on our own heroes and praise others who had no respect for us, then there is an issue.

“If we indeed don’t show any self-respect for our heroes, how can the world respect us? This is victory for black dignity and self-respect. The campaign has paid off.”

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