“If You Can Afford To Love & Nurture A Baby Go For It!” Tonniaamaka Tells Ini Edo & Other African Women

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First Class Student Of The Trinity, author and public speaker, Toniaamaka Chrisokere has weighed in on Ini Edo’s surrogacy story. 

While others such as Ghanian writer Waterz Yidana condemned the Nollywood actresses choice to use surrogacy to start a family and said Ini Edo committed a blunder, Toniaamaka a UK based mother of four who has been breaking boundaries and raising her children all alone after a heartbreaking separation from her husband said she is glad African women are finally making moves for their own happiness in their own terms.

Tonniamaka wrote;

“Women are gracefully breaking free unapologetically from unrealistic standards…if you can afford to love and nurture a baby go for it…

There’s no generation where every child was raised by both parents.

There’s no generation where every father was present to love and nurture their young.

There’s no generation where every mother was present to love and nurture their young.

Some people have both parents alive but only one is present and reliable to unconditionally love and nurture them. 

Some people have both parents alive but their parents can’t/couldn’t afford to love and nurture them and give them away for adoption or family or friends to love and nurture them.

What every child needs is a loving and peaceful atmosphere to develop joyfully and one reliable parent or person is GOOD enough to provide it far better than two incompatible parents.

Nothing here is new it has been happening from one generation to another in different shades secretly and publicly and people only make NOISE and adjust because we don’t know how to mind our business.

Once the father shows up they’ll ask for DNA and Once that’s done they’ll ask if they’ve ever fucked and who’s cum is the loudest…then they’ll ask if there’s a plan for siblings and how soon once you open up to answer their questions they’ll keep asking endlessly.

We’re heading to where inner joy, peace and tranquillity don’t respond to stupid questions.

Congratulations beautiful you’re welcome to motherhood!

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