“Inside The 1414 Battered Bus, There Were Zero Comfort, Especially Attachment” – Obi Cubana Narrates The Ordeal That Almost Ruined His Convocation At UNN

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Popular businessman Obi Iyiegbu, (aka) Obi Cubana, has narrated his experience while on his way to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, for his convocation ceremony. Sharing a picture of himself on Wednesday night, Obi Cubana, who chairs the Cubana Group, recounted how he used a ‘night bus’ to travel from Abuja to Nsukka for the ceremony.

He wrote,

“In 2009, we were going to the University of Nigeria in Nsukka for our convocation ceremony from Abuja, in company of some of my friends and classmates: Nze, Ultimate, Onwa, Ogali, etc!!!

“We entered a bus from Area 1 Garki Abuja to Dumez, near Suleja so we could enter a cheaper ‘night bus’ instead of boarding from Jabi Park! We got tickets for a battered Mercedes Benz 1414 commuter vehicle, attachment!

“My Uncle, Zubby, bought me a pair of ‘Schools’ shoes, having made him proud by making a 2:1 in the Political Science department!

“Inside the 1414 battered bus, there was zero comfort, especially attachment! You dared not sleep because if you happened to rest your head on the shoulder of a trader that had ‘full seat’, you’d receive a slap or a punch, depending on the mindset!

“We managed to get to Obollo Afor in the morning, where we would now take a bus into Nsukka. Getting to where we contributed money to stay for the entire Convocation, I realized I lost one of the pair of my adored and priceless “schools” shoes.

“It almost ruined my convocation! But today, here we are! Do people still enter ‘night bus’? This generation is enjoying!”

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