James Brown Joins Lowcut Blond Hair Gang? – List Of Celebs Who Rocks Short Haircut So Well

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There are some Nigerian celebs who feels more comfortable and enjoying keeping their hairstyle short. The most iconic is low-cut blondie. Some Naija celebs have maintained low hair cut and slaying the cute look effortlessly over the years. When you think, this hairstyle will soon go out of fashion, many more celebrities are embracing. Some say it makes them feel special, other’s says its stressless and makes them feel comfortable and Autentic to themselves. While many people might think it’s a cheaper way to maintain elegance and pay less for wigs.

Fast rising Nigerian crossdress, James Brown Obialor has decided to join some Nigerian celebs who are rocking short hair blond girl look, and we must say he is definitely giving.

Apart from going platinum blond, some celebrities choose to rock the low haircut in different colours. These celebs have proven to be stylish in their short hair cuts, and often compliment it with great fashion. Below are some incredible list.


The TV and event host cum media personality is known for her talent as well as her signature blonde haircut. The gorgeous TV host has remained consistent with her look although she occasionally rocks wigs for movie roles. Nancy is well known for her domineering energy wherever she storms, and she doesn’t disappoint when it comes to carrying her vibes on vibes on her every move.


The billionaire’s daughter wowed a lot of people when she did the big chop on the last day of 2021. Cuppy currently rocks a pink low cut and is so far killing it at on her every tour.


The veteran actress spices her fashion style with some rugged looks in a blonde low hair cut and she’s been doing it fashionably too. since she stormed on this look, fans have not antagonised her decision to stick with this fashion trend. However, the actress appears in hair wigs during some events. Destiny has been maintaining her looks in low hair cut for years now.


The reality TV star, dancer and brand influencer, Alex is very stylish in her hairstyles. Ranging from curling to having different hair colours like blue, blonde and even purple, Alex always look gorgeous in her low hair cut.


The artist cum entrepreneur mans her signature punk hairstyle for the longest time, she sometimes spice up her looks with tint highlights. Famous for her impressive spoken word art, Eva knows her onions when it comes to maintaining her signature hairstyle . Eva sometimes styles her low hair cut in braids and she claims she feels free

Eva’s live performance


The BBNaija reality star has been serving good looks with her impeccable sense of style. She dwindles between her appearance in wigs and her regular looks in her dark short hairstyle. She has been maintaining this look before the show.


The Nigerian cross dresser recently joins this team. James features in a blonde low hair cut in his comic and entertaining content on social media. Does he rock it well?

Which one of these celeb who rock low-cut hair is your favourite?

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