John Boyega Quits Ambassadorial Role With Perfume Brand Following Cultural Snub in Promotional Advert

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The actor’s reasons for severing ties with the brand are rooted in culture rather than finance.

Popular Nigerian-British actor John Boyega has quit his role as a global ambassador for a fragrance brand after he was cut from a major promotional advert he helped create.

The brand in particular is understood to be called Jo Malone, a perfume company based in the United Kingdom.

Boyega had made the advert as a video personal to him, set in his home city of London, it sees him walking around his hometown and featured appearances from his friends and family.

He also wears traditional Nigerian dress as a nod to his heritage.

However, the actor was gutted after learning he has been edited out of a version of the advert that was released in China and replaced with another actor from the Asian country.

Boyega released a statement via his Twitter page on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, announcing his separation from the brand.

In the statement, the Star Wars actor expressed displeasure over the brand’s decision to cut him from the advert without his notice and consent.

He said while he accepted companies use different representatives around the world, “dismissively trading out one’s culture this way is not something I can condone.”

He further promised to deal with the situation quickly in one of the tweets, saying he doesn’t have time for nonsense.

Boyega is a British-Nigerian actor and producer who is best known for his role in the award-winning Star Wars trilogy films.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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