Justine Dean Files For Full Custody Of His 2yrs & 4 Weeks Old Babies Without Korra Obidi’s Knowledge

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Justine Dean, the husband of Nigerian singer and dancer Korra Obidi has made another video to explain why he is divorcing the mother of his two daughters days after she gave birth. In this fresh Facebook video, he posted with the headline; “My Kids are being WITHHELD from me!! Hear my reason for divorce” the doctor claim that Korra repeatedly said hurtful things about their first child.

Things like she regret giving birth to June. And this was what he was asking her to repeat on the night he came online to announce his marriage was over. Explaining further, he claimed that Korra forcefully tried to take June from him and dislocated the 2-year-old’s shoulder. Crying, he added that Korra is purposely withholding his kids from him to hurt him. Addressing why he kept the two-year-old and four weeks old from their mother, Justine said he got messages that Korra was neglecting their kids, and when he went over, he saw this was true, so he took the kids with him.

However, he returned them only because he had to go to work, and when he came back to collect them, Korra’s friends gave him court papers showing that she had filed a restraining order against him and he couldn’t see his kids until further notice. #KorraObidi #JustineDean #KorraObidiDivorce

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