Moses Bliss Shock Fans With Incredible Ghanaian Wedding & Choice Of Woman & First Kiss

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Talented and handsome Christian musician Moses Bliss caused excitement when he announced his engagement to his secret girlfriend, Marie Wiseborn. In a heart-melting video that went viral on January 19th, fans watched as Moses popped the question to his British-Ghanaian girlfriend in the most thoughtful, elegant, and romantic way possible. He surprised Marie with a song he had written just for her and then got down on one knee. She said yes! The couple’s wedding ceremony is one of the most anticipated events for both Ghanaians and Nigerians after the engagement. On February 28th, the Christian couple got married in an intimate civil wedding that reminded everyone how simple and humble the couple were.

Ever since he rose to fame in 2019 with his hit track ‘Miracle No Dey Tire Jesus, the music minister Moses Bliss has not been linked romantically with any woman, despite his good looks, wealth, and popularity among religious women. Moses Bliss has always given the impression that his career and serving God are his top priorities, which has led many to believe that he is either single or still searching for the right person.

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The singer has served as a guest minister at several weddings, singing beautiful praise and worship gospel songs for the bride and groom. Moses Bliss was trending for his appearance at Nollywood bride Ekene Umenwa’s wedding a few months ago. Some people speculated about his relationship with the bride after she left her husband on stage and knelt to welcome him. However, little did they know that Moses Bliss had already found his special someone and was planning his own engagement and wedding.

His surprise engagement has sparked intense debates online. Many are shocked by the kind of woman Moses Bliss proposed to, judging by her modest, decent appearance. According to fans, it is proof that conservative girls are winning baddies when it comes to love, relationships and marriage. Could this be the case? Well, stay tuned as we dig deep into Moses Bliss’s love story.

When naming young Gospel artists making waves in Nigeria and beyond today, Moses Bliss would surely top the list. With nothing less than ten hit songs, the 28-year-old singer has established himself as a representative of a generation that will continue to praise and worship God. But then, this is no surprise to those who have known the singer since childhood.

Moses Uyoh Enang, professionally known as Moses Bliss Moss-B, was born into a Christian family on February 20 1995. Although a native of Akwa-Ibom state, the singer was raised in Abuja by his parents, who are not only devoted Christians but reverends. So, Moss-B grew up in the church, but out of the many areas he could have chosen to work for God, he showed a greater interest in music. From age 5, the gospel minister was already playing musical instruments and eventually joined the choir at Christ Embassy.

The singer would kickstart his professional career many years later, releasing his first single, “E No Dey Fall My Hand”, in 2017. But it was not until 2019 that Moses gained fame following the release of “Too Faithful.” The gospel singer has released two successful albums and several popular songs and won nothing less than three music awards. Since then, Moses Bliss has unveiled his record label “Spotlite Nation” and signed four artists such as Chizie, Festizie, Doris Joseph, and Grace Lokwa.

As Moss-B’s popularity increased, so did invitations to perform at events, including weddings. Fans often ask him when he will get married, unaware that God’s perfect time is already here.

On January 19th 2024, Moses Bliss took everyone by surprise and announced his engagement to a beautiful woman. In the viral proposal, the gospel minister gave fans a glimpse of how he popped the question, and we daresay it was the most beautiful Christian-romantic proposal we have ever seen. Moses wrote a beautiful song for his sweetheart, titled ‘For Life’, and then set up an orchestra with their closest friends in attendance. The 28-year-old singer then went on to serenade his sweetheart with a captivating song performance with lyrics that goes, “What more could I ask for you are all I prayed for, woman of the word, you are a dream come true.” The “Too Faithful” crooner eventually went on one knee and popped the question to his girlfriend, whom he referred to as his “woman of God.” and she said yes.

Until Bliss’ engagement, very little or nothing was known about his girlfriend. But since the engagement, the singer’s fiancee is now in the spotlight, and everyone cannot stop asking who she is.

Marie Wiseborn is of Ghanaian descent and works as a lawyer in London. In July 2023, she completed her Bar Vocational Studies and Post Graduate Diploma at the City Law School of the University of London. Earlier in July 2022, she obtained her first degree from the University of Surrey. During her graduation, she gave an inspiring speech at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the University of Surrey while dressed in traditional Ghanaian attire. Besides her legal expertise, Marie is also a preacher who can seamlessly transition from the courtroom to the pulpit.

According to Marie, since she was six years old, she has always prayed to God that her future husband would know how to sing and should have a great smile. Just as she prayed, precisely a year ago, Marie joined the Miracle No Dey Tire Jesus Dance Challenge, sharing a video of herself dancing to the song by Moses Bliss and tagging him. The gospel singer saw the video and was like ahh” I like the way she praises God, wow she dances like David. “

Until then, Marie had always loved dancing but didn’t share them online. “But God kept prompting her to make the video and post; she finally obeyed and made the video by 2 am and posted it.” Miraculously, Moses Bliss saw it and was moved to enter her DM. Just like that, they became friends for so many months, and now they are about to be a husband and wife. Indeed, “MIRACLE NO DEY TIRE JESUS.”

While sharing the news on social media, the Gospel Minister posted this video of him singing the song he wrote for her. He explained that he didn’t just write the song for his special gift from God but also for all relationships and marriages built on Jesus.

The couple’s wedding ceremony is one of the most anticipated events for both Ghanaians and Nigerians after the engagement. On February 28th, the Christian couple got married in an intimate civil wedding that reminded everyone how simple and humble the couple were. And then, on Febuary 29th, a leap day which comes ones in every four years, the couple had their traditional wedding in Ghana.

On Febuary 28th, Moses Bliss announced that he is now legally married with the caption; “Civil wedding done! It’s official I’m legally married to my personal gift from God @mariewiseborn”. In no time, more photos and videos of the Christian couple exchanging vows in Abuja, Nigeria, began circulating on social media. Once again, many pointed out how decent and simple the couple looked. On February 29th, the Christian couple flew to Ghana, where they had their traditional wedding.

Moses showed up for his traditional wedding, looking super suave in full Akwa Ibom regalia. His natural beauty wife represented Ghana in the most adorable way with three traditional Ghanaian outfits. For the most important part of the day, the couple rocked a Kente that transformed Moses Bliss into a prince. Adorable videos of him singing to his beautiful wife melted hearts. The traditional wedding displayed a beautiful blend of culture from the two West African countries. 

Top Nigerian and Ghanaian celebrities and friends of the couple were spotted at the event. As usual, they did not disappoint with their fashion game.

The evening ended in praise. Sharing these adorable pictures, Moses Bliss captioned it; “Traditional wedding Done to the glory of God”.

The couple got married for the final time on March 2nd during a church wedding held in Ghana. A highlight of the wedding was when Marie’s mother and grandmother prayed for her, with tears in their eyes. Many people commented on how lucky the bride was.

With a heart full of joy and anticipation, Moses Bliss stood at the altar to receive his beloved wife. His excitement was palpable as he eagerly awaited his beautiful bride, who was gracefully escorted down the aisle by her proud father. The couple exchanged their vows and completed their wedding journey, marking the beginning of their lifelong journey together. Let us all join in wishing them a happily ever after!

What do you think about the way Moses Bliss handled his wedding?

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