Mr Ibu And Wife Speak From Hospital Bed About False Information About Him In Circulation

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Popular Nigerian comic actor John Okafor’s wife (aks) Mr Ibu has begged Nigerians to help talk to God on her husband’s behalf. Mr Ibu is in the consciousness of his fans as he is currently wrestling with a medical challenge.

According to the video she shared on Instagram page, Mr Ibu’s wife said her husband has lost his bank account details, and anyone who wishes to offer help to the ailing actor should contact her or come to the hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Mrs Okafor added that Nigerians should pray for her husband, who is still in the hospital and irrespective of their situation, God is the greatest in everything. Mr Ibu, who was also able to say a few words, said he was feeling fine, and his sickness was not as critical as it was reported in the media.

Ibu continued, that he could talk and walk, and he was regaining back his strength. He added that he would accept assistance from his fans who wanted to help him as he urged them to reach him directly.

Even on his sickbed, Mr Ibu still passed a funny message to scammers who wanted to take advantage of his sickness as he said he would let them know when he wants to die.
The actor, who is at a kidney centre in Abuja, said reports that he is in critical condition and not walking it fake news.

He revealed that his Instagram account and his bank account have been taken over by hackers who are asking for donations on his behalf.

He said the call for donations under the guise that he is in critical condition, is not from him, but from hackers trying to take advantage of his ill health.

Can we all wish him a quick recovery so that he can recover his accounts?

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