Netizens Defend May Edochie Over Criticism For Stepping Out Without Her Wedding Ring

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Netizens have come to the defence of May Edochie, the estranged wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie.

The mother of three had, via her Instagram page, shared new photos with prayerful words.

May stated that when others say there is a casting down, she always says there is a lifting up.

“When people say there is a casting down, you will say there is a lifting up”, she captioned the photos.

A blogger had reposted the photo, calling the attention of the public to her being spotted without her ring.

In defending her, many questioned why she would wear the ring of a man who is emotionally abusing her and disrespecting her.


One De Adorable Look Interiors wrote, “Where are you expecting her to wear a wedding ring for that efulefu of a horseband? Who do not have respect for her and their kids

One Havilah Divas wrote, “This wedding ring no epp her. Let her trash it pls

One Ozy Chris wrote, “Were you expecting her to wear a wedding ring? This is a clear case of amebo… You already know what is happening

One Ogboye official wrote, “So you expect her to be waka-ing about with her wedding band after filing for a divorce

One Nwa Chinemere wrote, “Do you expect her to still wear wedding?

One Ajiri Success wrote, “If na you…you go still wear the wedding ring?”.

It’s no longer news that Yul Edochie married his colleague, Judy Austin, after over eighteen years of marriage with May Yul Edochie.

Following his marriage, his first wife, May, officially filed for divorce from him and is seeking N100 million as damages from Judy Austin for adultery.

She has also filed a restraining order against him, stopping him from accessing their former matrimonial home.

Marking a new beginning, May stated that it is a new beginning for her, as she appreciated the public’s overwhelming love.

May Edochie speaks on her indifference about her daughter, Danielle, amid divorce

Just days ago, May Edochie applauded her daughter, Danielle, for her incredible talent.

The now-mother of three, while opening up about her thoughts about her daughter’s career path, admitted that she has mixed feelings about it.

Lamenting, May stated that she is having a hard time choosing because she is confused.

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