“Nigerian Doctors Who Want To Leave Nigeria are Mad & Ungrateful? – Opinion

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Why will Nigerian Doctors stay in Nigeria where they are underpaid and where some of them are jobless?

I guess the only meaningful answer would be Patriotism. The Nigerian Economy keeps witnessing some downfalls, and the workers in the health sector have maintained that they’ll continue the ongoing strike until the Government reacts to their plea.

Jack Obinyan, the former assistant to Governor Obaseki of Edo State, has infuriated a lot of people with his ideologies on patriotism. 

“Nigeria will spend a fortune to train you to become a Doctor, something you will use a lifetime loan to acquire in Countries like the U.S, then the next thing you japa because there are certain conditions that aren’t met. 

Meanwhile, a whole lot (if not all) of you are earning via private consultancy and on the parallel earning from Government, something that is virtually impossible in the abroad.”

The above statement riled up some doctors who were already expressing their displeasure with the assertion.

“Buhari is too kind. If it’s me, you’ll serve Nigeria for at least 10 years before you can leave,” he added.

He went ahead to explain how mad he considers the action of relocating.

This Facebook post saw a lot of Nigerians expressing how disappointed they were, to hear him bring such logic into the issue of Nigerian Doctors being frustrated.

I think the issue of patriotism is subjective. Why isn’t Buhari receiving his medical treatments in Nigeria?  He is being treated outside because he could die here, due to inadequate facilities.

If Jack wants to make sense, he should start by telling Buhari to change his treatment venue, to Nigerian Hospitals.

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