Opinion; Does James Brown Truly Want To Further His Education? – Reactions As The Cross Dresser Was Spotted In University of Bedfordshire Campus Days After Landing in London

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    Controversial Crossdresser James Brown has been spotted in school which sparked rigorous reaction on social media, making them speculate whether he really wants to further his education at the University of Bedfordshire London. The effeminate celebrity was recently spotted going on and about within the premises of the University of Bedfordshire Some people who reacted pointed out that the crossdresser has made a good decision if he is truly in London to further his education.

    Days after landing in London, crossdresser James Brown has gotten members of the online community talking about what he is really in the country for. Although James continues to amplify his content creation services online, the young man was spotted within the premises of the University of Bedfordshire.

    See the photo of him rocking a jacket and braided wigs was spotted online while he was in the school.

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    Reactions From Fans And Followers

    geez_collection said: “I really feel this genuine happiness for James.”

    chy_zom_ said: “For me, this guy is actually smart. The person advising him is doing a great job, he’s gradually making all the right moves lately.”

    virtue2492 said: “If he’s actually going to school then I’m super proud of him and I pray he learns to be a man there.”

    amie_0912 said: “Oh if he plans to go to school that’s awesome.” ms_bake_shop said: “This one actually has sense…”

    ijtalks said: “I’m so happy for him if he has gone back to school. That boy knows what he wants.”

    kachio4ka said: “Bob violently rustling through his drafts looking for receipts of that time she was at some imaginary university to post because he must not be overthrown.”

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