Osinachi Fought Death While Her Spiritual Father Pastor Enenche Was Performing Miracle In Cameroon?

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For a pastor who makes the cripple walk, the blind to see and cure millions of people who have cancer in his church, many are wondering why Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Center, allowed Osinachi Nwachiukiu, the Lead Choir Minister at his Abuja Headquarters pass away with a broken heart.

The founder and head pastor of Dunamis Glory Dome, a church that brags about its 100,000 capacity and, according to Wikipedia, currently ranks number one as the largest evangelical church auditoriums in the whole world, was away in Cameroon, hosting a mega healing and deliverance crusade when 42-year-old Gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu, a mother of four young children passed away in an Abuja hospital. After several shocking and sad details about the cause of Osinachi’s death began to surface online hours later, with her family, close friends and colleagues narrating the abuse and violence she faced at the hands of her husband, Peter Nwachuku.

He was also a pastor in Dunamis Abuja. People started growing eager to hear from the Gospel singer’s spiritual leader, Pastor Paul Eneche and his church, Hoping for them to at least confirm the news. Two days later, there was still no comment from the pastor and his church. However, the church posted about its Cameroon crusade and delivered, sharing videos of people who were healed from all kinds of illnesses. Inpatient, some began to drop comments asking the man of God to say something about the sudden death of Osinachi. #Osinaci #OsinachiNwachukwu #Osinachisdeath

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