Served Divorce 7 Days After Giving Birth – Did Korra Obidi Push American Doctor Husband To The Wall?

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Popular Nigerian multi-talented singer and dancer Korra Obidi met her husband, Dr Justine Dean through Tinder a few years ago. Love, they say has no culture, race, distance or religion, the two clicked and got married the traditional way in Delta State, Nigeria in 2019, followed by a court wedding.

Before getting married, Korra Obidi gained mainstream success via the social media platform Instagram in the late 2010s and will dance her way to become one of the most flexible and incredible dancers on social media today. She moved to the US to settle with her husband, and since the world has become a global village, she was able to maintain her Afrobeats singing and dancing fame attracting even more followers who were in love with her loving and growing family. Korra Obidi who recently welcomed her second child without a doubt, is a courageous and strong woman. Over the years, she has worked very hard, showing exceptional talent to the world through her music and flexibly natural dance skills. She has also shown that she is an amazing mother by sharing her multicultural Nigerian woman, American man relationship journey with her millions of followers on all social media platforms. Korra made pregnancy so easy as she danced from day one of both of her pregnancies until the last day. Again, she carried on even a few days after giving birth. Her recent home birth video where her doctor’s husband assisted her in welcoming their second child also went viral. Many praised the fabulous couple who shared only the beautiful part of their relationship and marriage until now. Justine Dean has become a broken man spilling tea about everything wrong with the perfect social media marriage. In a now-deleted post on his page, the medical doctors’ post read, “Korra Obidi and I are getting a divorce.

It’s over! I won’t be treated this way longer. I did my absolute best to make it work”. In the comment section of the same post, he added. “I didn’t want this, I did my best. My heart broken. I supported her, I loved her. I don’t deserve the way I was treaded”. What really went wrong in this loving couple who brought their fans nothing but pure joy’s relationship? KorraObidi #KorraObidiMarriage #KorraObidiHusband

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