SHOCKING Details & Everything TRAGIC About Senator IKE EKWEREMADU & Wife UK Arrest & Detention

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Nigeria lawmaker, Ike Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice Ekweremadu, has been exposed and arrested after the couple allegedly obtained a passport and medical visa for the boy as a 21-year-old. In contrast, he is just a homeless Nigerian boy who was made to lie about his age with the promise of a better life. The child in question had allegedly opened up to the transplant doctor, who immediately cancelled the procedure.

The UK Metropolitan Police Specialist Team launched an investigation against the Ekweremadu in May of 2022 after it was made aware of potential offences under the modern slavery act. This led to their arrest on June 21 at the London Heathrow Airport while the couple were travelling to Istanbul, Turkey, where they were reportedly going to meet with another potential kidney donor. News of the lawmaker and wife’s arrest traveled globally after they appeared at the UX Bridge Magistrate Court on Thursday, June 23 2022, where their bail was denied for posing a flight risk.

On social media, some people continue to insist they are innocent and it is just a story of two parents desperately trying to save the life of their child, but for many others, it’s a story of two high-profile Nigerians taking advantage of a poor underage boy. Trafficking in persons for organ removal is considered a grievous crime globally. In 2021, INTERPOL rated North and West Africa for having the highest crime rate. However, no high-profile Nigerian has been indicted in such a case; hence, the Ekweremadu may be used as a scapegoat if convicted. How did the Ekweremadus find themselves in this hot mess? Is there hope of being found innocent of the charges?

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