Singer Paul Okoye Blames Social Media For All of Nigeria’s Woes

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Popular singer Paul Okoye is wary of the negative influence social media has on the Nigerian society at large.

Paul Okoye believes that social media promotes an environment of chaos and has become the go-to place for people seeking to incite trouble.

The former member of the defunct music group, P- Square, expressed the concerns in a two part tweets via his Twitter page on Monday, June, 22, 2020.

Paul Okoye is wary of the negative influence social media has on Nigerian society.

In his first post, the self-acclaimed Rudeboy highlighted some of the various ways social network has proven to be ill-effective. According to him, people can now afford to outrightly meddle with other people’s private affairs through social platforms.

He wrote: “SOCIAL MEDIA: a place of war, where people can freely insult their elders, where Father’s Day is been converted to Drama’s day, where family, marriage and relationship issues are been judged by the Amebo intelligent Centre (A.I.C) & the Association of Instagram commentators.”

In his second post, the Audio Money crooner said that when his kids grow older and ask him why the country is the way it is, he would say it is because of social media, the same way his father used to tell him about the negative effect of the civil war on the nation whenever he posed the same question to him.

He added: “When I was growing up, I once asked my dad why is Nigeria like this? What happened? How did it get to this level…he said it was because of the WAR. Now am getting prepared to answer my kids when the time comes …and when they ask i will tell them is SOCAIL MEDIA .”

What do you make of Paul’s concerns? Are they geniue or not? Let us know on the comment section below.

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