“The More I Try To Avoid The Animosity And Incessant Attacks…” AY Makun Replies Seun Kuti, Deny Calling His A Dog

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Nigerian comedian Ayo Makun has replied to musician Seun Kuti for mocking him over his predicament.

It is no longer news that the comedian and his family lost their Lagos mansion to a fire inferno, which made them temporarily move to the US.

On Wednesday, Seun Kuti made a mockery of his pain as he pointed out how AY called his daughter a dog in one of his dry skits and had also used his (Seun) trials and tribulations to make jokes.

He claimed that he was always supportive of AY, especially when he lost his house, yet AY made jokes poking fun at his daughter.

Dropping a bombshell about the comedian, he claimed that AY beats his wife and has a smelling mouth, which everyone knows in the industry.

Now replying to him, AY noted how the more he tries to avoid animosity and incessant attacks, the more he sees himself as a programmed misery meal for others.

He stated that he didn’t want to respond to Seun Kuti, but his allegation about his portraying his daughter as a dog and claiming he beats his wife made him change his mind.

Sharing a video, he called on Seun Kuti to point out where he made such a statement about his daughter, as children are always off-limits to him.

“Amongst every good thing that has happened in my life and career in recent times, this year has also offered me to many as an unfortunate victim of unforeseen serial circumstances. The more I try to avoid the animosity and incessant attacks, the more I see myself as a programmed misery meal made from the recipe of some collective and very intentional chefs.

Before they say to you guys bon appétit’ with a smiling face and victory song, Can you all please bear the hunger for a few more minutes and ask real questions concerning all the ingredients that brought this meal to the table?

I promised I wasn’t going to respond to @bigbirdkuti
not until he mentioned me calling his child a dog. He also labeled me as a wife-beater, and ONLY God sees and knows where all that came from.

For me, children are completely off-limits. They are our most valuable resource. They are the deposits we make here on Earth to carry our names when we are no longer around. Their mothers double as our wives and the very best help mates that we all cherish as men.

Having said all that, kindly watch this video, and LET ME KNOW WHEN, WHERE, AND HOW EXACTLY I CALLED @bigbirdkuti. DAUGHTER A DOG…



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