Veekee James Celebrates Husband Femi On Father’s Day, Praying For Divine Grace In Raising Their Unborn Kids

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Veekee James got married in February, and she hasn’t let single people breathe since then. Some have began to ask, are they expecting?

The celebrity fashion designer took to Instagram to celebrate her husband’s Father’s Day celebration, and she penned a lovely note to accompany it.

In her post, Veekee James wrote:

”Happy Fathers Day Ayomi Without a doubt, I know that you will make the best father to our unborn children

The grace that every father needs to raise children in the way of the Lord, may it be available to you in abundance from this day onward I love and appreciate you my personal Zaddy”

Attached to the caption were cute photos of Veekee James and her husband that captured various moments.

Netizens in the comment section had goggly eyes over the note Veekee James wrote to her husband, and they couldn’t keep calm.

kv_by_kelvin wrote, “Veekee haven’t you done enough ? The pain. the torment..even on Father’s Day you still said we would have no peace? Wow …… Just wow!”

biddyvegas_artworld wrote, “Cute….. Cuten’t they?”

eibaci wrote, “Veekee haven’t you done enough? What is it? The pains the torture, the torment let the single breathe”

hairstylistnottingham wrote, “This your skin always speaking, please give us tips”

Veekee James has always been very open about her love for her husband, and this led to a lot of speculation about the nature of their relationship.

Recall that during their wedding, she gifted him an expensive video game that got tongues wagging, with online in-laws claiming that she was the one sponsoring the entire wedding.

Also, while Veekee James was cheerily sharing each and every moment from her wedding, some netizens were disgruntled, stating that she was doing too much.

Veekee James lent deaf ears to the backlash she faced during her wedding and has continued to post about her man.

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