Were Nigerians Right to drag Rosy Meuer(Wife of Tonto Dikeh’s ex) for Wishing Tonto Dikeh’s son a happy birthday?

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When Rosy Meuer married Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband – Olakunle Churchill – a lot of things were said. From suspicions of supposed extramarital affairs, to what seemed to be facts about the suppositions.

Imagine breaking up with your wife, only to start another family with your PA?

Across the media, some people hated Rosy because they felt she snatched Churchill from Tonto. So, it was no surprise when the actress was recently dragged for wishing the ex-wife’s son a happy birthday.

In a post she made on Instagram, she had said this:

“Happy Birthday King Andre. May you continue to grow in Grace and Wisdom. Good Health and Prosperity is your portion in Jesus’ name. Enjoy your day cutie.”

And this was followed by a response from her husband, who replied with “amen thank you so much love.”

All I saw was a woman wishing her stepson a happy birthday. Yes, the ex-wife may not be happy with her, but the child is still her husband’s child. At least, the child did nothing wrong to her.

I understand the feelings of a cross-section of individuals who are of the opinion, that she shouldn’t have done that. For instance, a Facebook user, by the name of Omoze Edadagbon, was against her actions, as seen under the comment sections of a question asked by a certain Ugonna Ufere. He had wondered why people felt the actress shouldn’t be seen wishing her stepson a happy birthday.

According to Omoze: “It’s BS considering the woman was the other woman f*king her husband while they were still married. And she eventually married the ex-husband. Pls, don’t just go there!”

Another Facebook user, by the name of Toniaamaka, had this to say: “Hurting and robbing someone who’s supposed to be your friend and then celebrating their son is a whole different level of another insult.”

Their points are well-understood. However, I believe Nigerians were wrong to censor her posts. I don’t think a man can be snatched from anyone. A man goes wherever he wants to go. Churchill’s heart was longing for Rosy, and no longer beating for Tonto, so he did what pleased him. Unless it’s confirmed that his current wife got his attention by means of charms, it’s so improper to say he was taken away from Tonto.

And when Ugonna Ufere said something funny under the comments of his post, only a few understood him:

“Poor guy.

Hope he’s still alive

Can imagine what he went through after being snatched/kidnapped and made to dick down another woman against his wishes.

This life enwerọ balance😭😭😭”

Like I aforementioned, was Churchill made to marry Rosy against his own will?

Anwulika Udanoh, another Facebook user, seemed to understand Ugonna, and she supported his comment with this:

“Ugonna Ufere It’s only in Nigeria that a grown man can be snatched and made to do what he doesn’t want to do 🤣🤣🤣

Tonto should celebrate her son and allow Churchill and wife celebrate Andre, his son abeg!”

Rosy could have an innocent conscience, devoid of any bad feelings for the boy. Yes, people do pretend, but not everyone.

If Nigerians are coming from the aspect of avoiding a show of shame, I can understand. You could say she ought to have stayed on her lane, knowing the type of person Tonto is. Like a facebook user, Chukwuba Chiluba, said: 

“Tonto is like a Psychotic Tiger. It’s best to leave her and whatever concerns her alone.”

Running away from trouble should be the major reason if people are of the opinion that she shouldn’t have done what she did.

Havilah Kite Okoruwa shares the same ideology with me and she understands the working state of conscience.  Hear her:

“If you know you’re a party to anyone’s divorce kindly respect yourself and stay away from anything that concerns the other party

Allow him or her heal in peace…

Keep your wishes and greeting to yourself…

Go and repent to Your Maker.

But if you know your hands are clean

I see no wrong in celebrating your stepchildren.

So to thyself be true.”

I believe Rosy is being true to herself, and her response to all these, in a separate post, shows it. Hear her:

“At the end of the day… I know that I am a good person. I am far from perfect, but my intentions are good; my heart is pure, and I love with everything I have. Because of these things, I AM WORTH IT. ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, ALWAYS WILL BE. #letloverule #checkyourself”

Nigerians were wrong to drag her.  Very wrong!

Written by: Edward Amah

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